- biting satire or absolute w*nker?

C*nt of the highest order who needs to spend less time in the Canadian version of Sayers and more time in a small shower room wondering what the strange hissing noise is and why he feels so light headed.
No, no, no, emails are no good. The slob's a product of the cyber age and expects that.

What he needs is someone to knock on his door and 'explain' things.

As the rules of the site forbid me naming him or putting out things like his (joy of joys) phone number, let me just point you all to :lol:

Whoops, link now correct.


Kit Reviewer
No Jack, that's got to be a wind up - hasn't it ?

It seemed too general to be a proper attack on the armed forces, or maybe I'm just used to a higher level of intellect and wit from the members here.
Follow his link to his other posts, there may be a link to his email... possible??!!.... nuff said :twisted:
Actually, I've read through a couple of his articles, and they're quite hilarious.
I've never read such a complax mish-mash of different conspiracy theories and other B.S.

He strikes me as the Karl Rove of blogging.

Toobis said:
Me in stitches...

Toobis said:
First off, EVER HEAR OF A SPELLCHECKER, MORON? What kind of a word is "goingto"? Ever hear of an apostrophe?
Go on, that guy's gotta be joking.
Yeah like the

"so youve been raped, get over it" rant!!
Renae wrote in email:

I was sexually abused when I was younger and I have never forgotten it.. yeah IT MAY HAVE BEEN YEARS AGO, but still everytime that I see the people who did it to me, I shiver and flashbacks come to my head about what happened.

Mr. Renae, you thought you could pull the wool over my eyes, didn't you? I hate to break it to you, sparky, but MAMA DIDN'T RAISE NO FOOL. I see what you're trying to do here. I'm looking right through you. You're trying to tug at my heartstrings with some sad story about how you were raped when you were a kid, and have never "forgotten" it, therefore proving to me that the trauma has carried with you all these years. Well GET OUT THE VIOLINS and CRY ME A RIVER!

You say it happened when you were younger, yet you've never forgotten it.. SO WHAT? Is that supposed to prove something? I still remember a lot of bad things that happened to me when I was a kid, but that doesn't mean I still let them bother me! Do you KNOW what it's like to have a retarded sister who always wants to follow you around and chew on your toys and act like a RETARD? Huh? Don't you think that's just as traumatizing as being raped? I mean, the sexual abuse probably only happened to you a few times. BUT AMANDA WAS PISSING ME OFF EVERY DAY FOR YEARS. Bloody hell!
HEHE :lol:
#14 - 'The finest in Canadian media'
Says it all, really. Let's face it, if he had a thread about sponging firemen and lying politicians, we'd be lionising him by now as an honorary ARRSEr.
Calypso said: - 'The finest in Canadian media'
Says it all, really. Let's face it, if he had a thread about sponging firemen and lying politicians, we'd be lionising him by now as an honorary ARRSEr.
Except that we don't find pictures of our dead soldiers in Iraq hilarious.
wot a cnut....

I wouldn't get too worked up fellow arrsers, I don't know about you but I can easily laugh at a rant against the armed forces by some fat waster who thinks he's hard cause he works in KFC.

However, as a Canadian, I'd like to apologise on behalf of my nation for this numpty.
My email to Lardy Boy;

Hello ,

Your rants are just that rants, almost funny but not quite, with a bit more effort you might be good.

You however are a fat canadian and are living proof that red indians f*cked buffalo.

I could end by saying "have a nice day" but I wouldn't mean it.

I could end by saying "f*ck off and die" but I wouldn't mean it.

Long may you and your website live, there is nothing better than reading the rantings of a loser, someone who will never quite make it.


wonder if fat boy will reply.
Sad really..

obviously he was turned down by the intake/review board as being a few slices shy of a loaf and, given his photo he couldn't manage the minimum push-ups or run the mile in the time specified so he had no choice but to work as a nightstocker at Walmart. don't expect he's a ' greeter' given that attitude; probably pistol whip an old lady with the price gun if she asked for the toiletries aisle...

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