Too-tough judges out of touch, says Straw

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Mar 27, 2008.

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    Its not the Tough Judges who are out of step with public opinion as you and your crew will find out at the next election Jack, you jack fcuker.
  2. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Give us a general election and then we'll see who's out of touch....
  3. "The high use of prison by some judges and magistrates often bears little connection with local violent crime rates and may even be out of step with local public opinion, the justice secretary, Jack Straw, suggested yesterday."

    Thats right Jack we dont want you sending criminals to prison really and those local criminals sent down in local courts really wont influence the local crime rate.
  4. GAAAAH! WNAKER! These scum astound me every day with ridiculous bullsh*t as if it's their only fecking purpose in life- I haven't known a day go by in weeks where Brown hasn't fecked the economy, Browne hasn't fecked the troops, Ainsworth hadn't behaved like the contents of a sharps safe at an abortion clinic, and Harman, Spliff and Co hadn't made a winner's go at fecking everything else. Tough on crime Mr Straw? Hm? What about the causes of crime? What's your stance on that?

    At least there's no chance of anything more than gentle admonishment if one manages to copycat a certain high-profile crime of four hundred years ago... pointy ish hat, buckled shoes, rather Catholic, you know the chap I'm on about. Donations of Ammonal/TNT sellotaped to the back of a postcard please.
  5. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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  6. Well he has to blame someone.........
  7. Let him walk around his manor (Blackburn isn't it ) at night, without a police escort. He will discover the real world then. Not going to happen though, is it ??
  8. Not just the judges that are out of touch is it Mr Straw?.................

    methinks that Straw and his gang will be looking for new employment soon.
  9. True.....After all the great unwashed might notice Jack "Honest guv'ner" Straw isn't buying new "Super" prisons, having very publicy promising them.....
  10. This Government , if you will accept my apologies for calling it that , has made much of Fairness over the years . In any club or organisation if you don't pay your dues you don't get to vote in the election of officers.
    Should the same not apply for general elections , those living on benefits |(with the exception of OAP and ex service types ) don't get the vote . In council elections only those paying council tax , with the above exceptions , get to vote.
    Then we would get a genuinely representative body elected I think.
    Wipe out the chavs and bring back true punishment that will really deter.
  11. Nail and head there i think Oldtimer.

    The problem (well, one of them) is that 'cos of this European human rights thing we signed upto (or at least were signed for on our behalf - you wouldn't let someone else sign your cheques) it appears that the low lifes - criminals, chavs, people who make their living claiming benefits - have more rights than honest, decent folk, because we make easy targets; like the CSA being uber efficient only when a squaddie is involved.

    These MPs walk around in their own world, convincing themselves that 'the figures' must be right. bunches of arrse fellas. we (the British) need to ensure that we show our unhappyness at the next election. unfortunatly, there, as usual, doesn't seem to be much of a choice, just the lesser of two evils (i'm not even counting the libdems, or what ever they're calling themselves this week). Monster raving loony party anyone?

    I wholeheartedly agree with old timer; if you don't contribute to the country, you shouldn't have a choice. again, this government (i use the term loosely) has made it easier to live (comfortably) on benefits than to work. those without a job, and i'm not including OAPs, the Disabled, et al, should be given a chance. there are plenty of jobs out there, otherwise why would we have so many people from eastern europe comming in to work?

    Bloke walks into the job office.
    Good morning, have you been seeking employment?
    Of course, but there's nothing out there, says grining chav.
    Ok, well there's a job going picking potatoes at the local farm.
    FCUK OFF, i'm not doing that.
    Fine... there you go mr Chav Cnut, i've just cancelled your benefits. Bye

    It'll all change when i'm in charge :twisted:

    Furrydude for justice minister!! :twisted:
  12. Oh, I'm entirely confident that won't be a problem for them. After all, they've spent the last decade arranging nice little earners for themselves, post-politics.
  13. Sod all to do with crime, but everything to do with a skint government who have finally come to realise they have buggered up the economy big time and simply don't have the money to build extra prisons.

    The irony is that if judges had been told to hand down harsher sentences, there would be less criminals needing prison spaces in the first place.
  14. Not just politicos, but some moron of a police chief was spouting on the radio a day or two ago that it isn't the length of a sentence that deters, it is the likelihood of getting caught.

    When I was a kid it was the idea of a lengthy sentence that prevented me committing any crimes. And would a few short years in jail really prevent someone murdering in cold blood someone they truly hated? Or taking out a contract on the PM?
  15. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Does anyone know if MoD high level civil servants read ARRSE ? Or indeed do relevant Ministers ? They might get a sense of reality if they did.

    Rant beginning to take hold...

    Straw is a fcukwit and out of touch. Mind you, what that really makes him is a walking advert for all the other t*ats in Government. "Look at me, i'm Jack Straw (insert names of other Ministers here as you see fit) and I do not have a f*cking clue."

    The Labour halfwits just do not understand how sick and tired the majority are with; barking-mad pinko-lefty social policies, unfair taxes on the average hard-grafting working and middle classes, a lunatic criminal justice system which seems to favour criminals and chav-scum, immigration which favours those less deserving than the Gurkha's (GIVE THEM CITIZENSHIP and PROPER PENSIONS) and acceptance of criminals from overseas and then having to pay for them and their minders because the governement are too wet to slot murderers, peodophiles and all the other dross that exists. FFS, and people wonder why I want to get out of the UK when my military career ends. Rant over.