too tall public duties?


im currently awaiting my phase 1 training for the coldstream guards and wondered if my height would prevent me from taking part in cerimonal roles as im 6ft9 does anyone know if you can be too tall for the cerimonial role?

You cannot be too tall for PD, however, your regimental sport of sheep love, may be a bit difficult for you.
lofty89 said:
intresting hes put my height to shame thanks for that! and a nice little mandatory dig from a gren! :D

Haha, get used to it matey, and good luck with your training.
I realise this is a bit off-thread, but how do they do that with the button spacing on the uniforms? There's obviously not a problem with the Grenadier Guards, but what about the rest? If you've this fella at six-nine and another at, say, five-five, does the tall fella get more buttons on his tunic or are the spaces between just made bigger?

They just account for the length of tunic and space them accordingly, as long as they are above the belt, it makes no odds as to the height of the soldier.

In twos threes or whatever, as long as they have a line to go along, they make them fit, and no, they dont use more buttons to suit, just a slightly bigger gap between buttons.
In all honesty, to the very untrained eye, you cant tell.
Fear not - there are loads of tall men in the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards. 6' 9" would be above average but not a showstopper.

As for Public Duties no major problem but you may need a special scarlet tunic made to measure as opposed to off the shelf.

Good Luck!
Sounds like you want to dodge all the PD stuff....

Why not try a line Regiment?


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6ft 9in fcuking hell) Guess who,s going to be lead scout or tail end charlie when he gets to Bn))
Lofty 89 have you looked at

It will give you a comprehensive overview of the Regiment and the reasons why you should NOT join a line regiment.

As for Trooping the Colour it depends which part of the regiment you are serving in at the time - The !st Battalion is operational and No 7 Company is the mainly ceremonial part, although they went to Kenya and Belize last year.

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