Too tall Guardsman

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jsi49, Aug 26, 2004.

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  1. :oops: Didn't realise this was an old story. Only saw it today. Brings to mind a young lad who joined the Junior Leaders with me back in 1962. He was 6' 10" at the age of fifteen 8O . Sadly! he didn't make it as a soldier after it was discovered he was a complete whimp. Boys can be such utter barstewards.
  2. The last gasps of the famous 'Silly Season'. Reported on Sky News but apparently no where else. How does this make the Army look ridiculous?
  3. I just feel parading a 7 foot Guardsman next to a 5 foot Guardsman especially in a ceremonial scenario makes the changing of the guard more a circus freak show rather than the traditional pride bearing honour it is.

    We can do without the daft spin.
  4. Is he the perfect man for the proposed large/large regiments? :D
  5. Haven't they all? That's why they walk sideways. :wink:
  6. When did a minimum height requirement for the Household Division go? I'm sure I read somewhere that it used to be the case that to join the Household Cavalry or the Foot Guards you had to be at least 5'10''. Why was this dropped?
  7. BME, I believe you had to be over 5'10" to get into Queens company of the Gren Guards, not sure if this is still the case.

  8. But more importantly, is this the longest gap between posts on ARRSE?
  9. Well he is going to be knackered digging trenches and such like could be useful on the assault course thogh.
  10. Bambi?
  11. I somehow found this thread while searching ARRSE for views and opinions on the PRC v ROC confrontation over the Taiwan Straits. I never noticed the dates on the posts 8O
  12. I believe the rule on height has been relaxed due to recruitment level, the reason a height restriction was imposed in the first place way back when but for the opposite effect. The rule is now the same for all infantry regiments 165cm.
    You still can't ovulate though. :roll:
  13. Thanks the_butler, interesting. The difference I've noticed in old films of the Brigade of Guards from the 20s and 30s is that it's not so much that they look taller than today's Guardsmen as that they seem to be of a more uniform height, eg;

    (a Corps of Drums seems to have been about half a battalion strong in those days)