Too tall for tanks...

Discussion in 'RAC' started by M_Lambert, Aug 9, 2006.

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  1. What would you say is too tall for tanks/Cav? At 6ft I was first told I would be too tall to be armoured, then a Sgt from the Light Dragoons told me this was crap and I'd be fine, as did my Recruiting Sergeant. So what do you think is too tall for tanks?
  2. Got a friend who is 6ft 7" and has no problems...
  3. I'm 6ft and I had no problems not even in cvr/t
  4. @janieo; As I remember your sig used to be on the old Vickers site? Feel free to use this version wot I have hosted......mind you it is a bit irritating.
  5. Dunno, I am not in tanks yet, but 6ft isn't too tall. Maybe if you are really tall you might find it a bit crushed inside though!
  6. If your too tall to sit inside, you can always sit on the outside.
  7. Dunno! When I was attached to The Blues they managed to squeeze 6 foot+ troopers into daimler Armoured cars and Ferrets. Could explain why some of them were a bit twisted.
  8. Is that a polite way of saying BENT!!!
  9. :frustrated:
  10. Sorry mate just could'nt resist that!
  11. Anything over 6ft and they will crew you down the barrel :)
  12. For my sins, I was posted to Soltau as Comd 7th Armd’s House Corporal. This meant that when he went on exercise I had to drive his converted ambulance carrawaggon.
    Not really a problem apart from the fact I had just learned to drive weeks previous and that I was really, really bad at driving.
    The major problem was he was a very tall ossifer and had had the bed lengthened thereby sacrificing cab space.
    So not only was I bricking it in case I hit something driving on convoy lights but my chest was right up against the steering wheel, way uncomfortable.
    Oh yeah and during the 2 week ex he only slept in it once. (mumble..mumble)
  13. Im 6' 3" tall and have been Cav for the last 35 years so 6' is no problem.
  14. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    B;oody hell mate - its time to get a life
  15. I'm 5' 8" so no height problem but I've got fairly wide shoulders and have found that a problem getting in and out, esp on the T72 which seems to have been made for midgets.