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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Gazzaroyal, Jun 2, 2007.

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  1. Hi Im 28 in the next few days and I'm having a bit of a late twenties crisis... I have since school wanted to join the army but for several reasons I never did it. I'm married with kids and I earn a good wage but I still want to go in and I could now do it.

    I am about to start training with the TA and I am hoping that that will be enough for me. However, if I was to go to my local AFCO on Monday and apply to the regs it would be likely that I would be 29 by the time I completed training. I know the age limits have been raised but in your opinion is this too old to be in the Infantry? Is the TA the way I should be going?

    Is there anyone on here who joined up later in life or was already married and had kids?

  2. I will not profess to know anything about the Infantry (I'm RAF ) nor do I know anything about the army but ............

    You should read this book. Nothing spectacular happens in it but that's the beauty of it. It just gives you the plain realities of the average infantry soldier's life. The guy who wrote it had been on a life long quest to join the army and also joined late in life and so it would give you a really good, honest perspective. This of course was his experience of infantry life I'm sure there are many more different courses things can take but I recommend it. If anything it is quite amusing and a good, quick, easy read.
    Having recounted some of the stories in there my husband said the guy seemed to have his finger on the pulse!
  3. Honestly I think you're much better sticking with the TA. You say you bring home a good wage, with your responsibilities (the scrags and the wife and all that) joining up will sh*t all over your finances.

    I'm married with kids and it seems to be working out quite well (I say seems), its a massive strain somtimes but then if you been together a long time it wouldn't make a difference I suppose.

    I don't see your age giving you much problems, but then again I have rarely seen anyone less than a Cpl in their late twenties. I don't see any of the crap of when people say fitness deterioates with age. It's bollocks. The only thing I will say about it is that with your maturity you'll see past all the bullshit so it wont have the same sparkle as if you was some young sprog who is tottaly dazzled by it all.

    All I say is if you have a house now and do join up, for the love of god don't sell it. I made that mistake and now wish I never did (I wasn't married when I sold it).

    Oh and don't ever buy that book greengoblin suggested its the most negative, full of balls book I have ever had the displeasure in reading.

    If it doesnt make sense, it was written too late at night.
  4. Only one way to find out fellar.
    If you dont like it or makes life worse then bug out mate.
    go for it, you might get on well.
  5. I have a friend who joined the reg infantry when he was 47 and did great.
  6. Oh not another one?!
    just stick with the T.A
    you are to old. just carry on letting the kids take all your cash, and the wife constantly moan at you. you always have T.A wkend breaks to recover from family life.
  7. I joined up late, the engineers. I had my 26th during basic. You may find you are not the only one there your age or close to it. The thing is although you still have some of your youth left, you need to act quickly cos the process can take some time. I never look back. The girl I was with when I joined I am now married to. Your family will move with you and its not a bad life for them either. 28 is not too old. I am 30 now and am fitter than I was at the age of 20. I know where I'm going in life and brought experience into the army with me just like you will. I've known of people joining RLC at age 30. You will have a lot to offer and if you dont go for it now you may regrett it for the rest of your life and always wonder what if. That's more scary than anything you will face in training. Go for it and take the leap, theres no more feeling of empowerment than taking controll of your own life.
    Good luck!!!
  8. _yo_ sorry you feel I was being negative sugesting that book. I thought it seemed quite balanced and truthful,not negative, but like I said before I don't profess to know anything about the infantry and everyone takes away something different from their experience.

    I'd be the first one to big up service life to anyone thinking of joining.
  9. Thanks for your responses. Im going to spend today making my mind up.
  10. i would think long and hard if i was you, the infantrys a good laugh if your young free and single but you have got a family a good wage a home why leave all that to go and take orders of 18 19 year olds, and the tempo of current ops is only going to get worse before it gets better, iam not trying to put you off just hope you can see through the sliver lining.

  11. I'm not having a go mate, I felt as though he just joined up to have some thing to winge about.

    Anyway gazzaroyal, lets us know what you decide as it is a big decison at any age.
  12. I'd stick with your civvy job and get your occasional kicks out of being TA if I was you mate. At 28/29 you should be on the verge of knocking on the door of the Sgts mess, not rubbing shoulders with 17 year olds who have just freddied their GCSE's. It would be a couple years before you get on the promotion ladder, so you'd be early thirties by that time.
    I'm sure someone will come on and say they've done it and they're fine but its definetly a gamble. What if you don't like the army, you'll be in limbo with a family to support.
    Best of luck if you decide to go for it though
  13. I'm the same age as you with similar circumstances, mate. I was going to join the regs, but the wife, having army family & knowing the hassles, put her foot down, so I went TA Infantry 2 years ago and haven't looked back.

    Give the TA a shot, there are good units out there so you'll get some decent training, some excellent weekends & a good bunch of mates. Also, if you go infantry, there's a fair chance you'll end up serving, so it's the best of both worlds.

    If you really do like it, you can always try convincing the wife regular soldiering is for you, but the TA will give you a good idea of what you want.
  14. i think you should go for it Daz. If you get posted to Germany thers some cracking whore houses out there, but being on a family budget myself I find the lay by lils very reasonable, after all, no use in paying extra for a nice room.
  15. TIaTH - you don't want him to join up at all, do you? You want his missus to read this & say "No fcuking way..." Seriously, though - I joined-up as a Junior Tradesman (Army family) - fully gung-ho, believed everything they told me. Had a ball. Years later, age 34, joined Oz ARes Commandos. Still enjoyed it - great bunch o' mates, top training, everything you'd want, but... 'ERSELF threatened divorce if I didn't give the family more time, so... Don't think the physical fitness thing is so big (I was as good in my 30s as in my teens), but you don't listen to the bullshyte as readily. And the instructors don't like that. Still, TIaTH is quite right - if your missus can't adapt to Army life, jealousy will play a big part in your relationship. Now it's all down to you, mate - all the best.