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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Exupery, Sep 9, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm currently thinking about applying to be an officer. However, I am 25 (and a half). Therefore, on entering Sandhurst, I'd be over 26. Given that the average age for entry is 23, I was wondering exactly what different disadvantages my age would have on any potential career in the army?


    Edit: oops meant to post this in the recruitment forum !
  2. Plenty of people have asked the same question on this forum or the recruitment forum and got very detailed answers. If you have a search around you will probably find more than enough answers to your question.

    If you don't at least have a crack at AOSB etc you may well always be left thinking "What if....".
  3. No your not too old. Plenty of people joining much older. Just make sure you do not use it as an excuse to hide behind and you will be fine. Also you must keep in mind one of the main reasons why peoples entry is delayed is because they are too young with not enough 'life experience' so being a little older is really a bonus, provided your not using a zimmer frame yet.
  4. Get on with it. Main Board next week and I'm 27 on the same day. Stop dragging your bloody feet and start revelling in your 'life experience' because you'll be hearing tons of that in your Briefing. And you'll probably be landed in with the 'oldies' group.

    Oh, another point. ARRSE is a great resource for data-mining but be very careful about reading too much into it. It can make the situation seem worse or the process seem almost hopeless, just because everyone else knows a lot more about it than you. The important thing is to be yourself, polish up your imperfections and show your qualities to the Board and your fellow Officer Candidates. Do this and you'll give an excellent account of yourself.
  5. Agree with what has been written above. I'm 26, and heading to briefing soon. Get on with it!
  6. Pass this weekend and it's AOSB at 40.. (TA)
  7. 27 passed, mental age 16.
  8. yip, main board at 28...
  9. What options are realistically available to older entrants? Have this strange urge to see if I can "still do it" at 39....