Too old to be an Officer?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by oldersprog, Sep 12, 2009.

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  1. Hi,
    I am hoping if you can enlighten me?
    I am 33 1/2 and am wondering if its too late to join the TA and finish what I started when I was 18.
    I started Rowallan Coy at RMAS in 1994 (aged 18) but was Y listed and then discharged with a view to reattend in a couple of years when I was fit again and had "grown up a bit".
    Life has intervened although I have always hankered after the career that I never had.
    Reading on the army website I see that the age limit for Officer entry is 34 but am I leaving it all too late? Do I have to have completed training by 34 or only started it?
    How long does Officer Training in TA last? What is the likelihood of being mobilised when I complete training if I was infantry.

    I would really appreciate any gen you good people can give me

  2. The whole process takes several years. You can probably just squeeze in under the bar to get started but - last minute . com or what !!
  3. I know I am living in the past but a pal of mine was a codger when he commissioned. A lot of the pressure was taken up by the CO. Go and find a unit, make them want you and they will fight your corner.
  4. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    You still can, it depends what arm you are joining, inf. is 30 (there is leeway tho.) Int. c.34.

    The onus is on you to put the pressure on though and prove yourself.
  5. A few of the chaps I was a Sandhurst with, and a few guys I did Module 2 / 3 with and who went to Sandhurst in March, were over 34. The TA is so understaffed on Officers that if you're good most CoC's (not sure if it's your OC or CO who takes the bulk of the responsiblity) will sign an age waiver for you. So I would say, contact a unit, your age hopefully shouldn't be too much of an issue.

    Hope that's of some use.

  6. Age limits are now very flexible but the websites are produced according to the book.

    The age limit depends on which arm or service you join. If you will be over the limit (30th birthday or 35th birthday) on commissioning, then you will need an age waiver. These are easy to apply for and invariably granted.

    Where are you located?
  7. This is something I have been considering as well...but not right away as I have a few things to sort out in my life.

    I'm 31 but having left at 21 after about 3 years in the TA and OTC, I had completed MTQ1-3 and passed my TCB, was just waiting to go to the TACC when other things intervened. I also had my own platoon in a local battallion as an officer cadet (shortage of subbies) which i ran for about 1.5 yrs on top of OTC training.

    I was thinking of giving intel a go as it seems to be the thing that suits the skills I have developed in my civi life.

    Is this a daft idea?
  8. It would be a shame after putting in all those years you try to join the 'Mericans. Why don't you try our Int Corps instead? 8O

    Well someone would pick you up sooner or later, thought I'd be generously good humoured about it at least! :D
  9. its not my fault...blame 9 yrs in the civil service :x

    thanks for not taking the piss too much :)
  10. Thanks to all for the info, much appreciated.

    I'm in West Kent, any ideas??

  11. PM sent.

  12. If I was in that part of the country, it would be the PWRR (otherwise known as the Power Rangers) without question. Top blokes, and a good track record to boot.
  13. The rules are that you need to be at RMAS (module 4) by 35.

    To be honest, I know potential officers have the very best intent and want to command soldiers. However I do believe the age limit is a good thing. Being a 2Lt is not something that lends it's self to being in your late 30's.

    It's physically demending and requires a crucial empathy and familiarity with 18 year old soldiers. The older you get, the more distant you will seem to these young soldiers. We can all say "I've the body of a 21 year old and I get on with 18 yo soldiers better than the Pl Comds" however in reality this just isn't the perception by the young soldiers of today.

    Anyway, in answer to your question, at 33 you need to motor! Get cracking now with the training and you will just make it.