Too old for Commando?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by UKTAP, Mar 20, 2013.

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  1. If women can pass it, I'm sure fellas of any age can climb over a little wall and swing around on a rope for a bit.
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  2. There's a poster on here called Cuddles who was with 266 Bty and normally likes to share some tales about his time with that unit.

    Unfortunately he will not be able to tell you anything relating to the airborne (as was) role or the CDO role as he attempted neither.

    He has also never been a Colonel.

    View Profile: Cuddles - The Army Rumour Service
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  3. Have you?
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  4. No. Won't stop me taking me taking the piss like.
  5. A friend of mine through basic joined 131 at 35 and got his green lid. He was already fit though, and didn't need to dramatically pick it up for the Commando tests.
  6. BOOM owned !!!!
  7. TBH, we're still trying to limit the damage from Sir Jimmy's visit...
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  8. Insert, "Trying to".
  9. You're in a Corps, aren't you young Sir?
  10. I find that my ball sack tends to get pinched between my legs when I do that these days - y-fronts are the preferred option.
  11. So a woman, even one who had to 'attempt' most tests twice has completed a course you haven't even attempted? And you're taking the piss?
    Out of yourself methinks.
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  12. X59

    X59 LE

  13. :)

    I could have mentioned D D D Dom, who went away with 59 and helped lug the Dragon Gun up That Hill...

    One of my V best mates; the then Major Cliff was his OC and best man.
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