Too old for 1 RIR?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by BChris, Jun 27, 2005.

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  1. Just a wee question... I'm thinking of applying for 1 Royal Irish soon, however I've just had my 24th birthday and I was wondering if I'm realisticly too old to be joining an infantry regiment.

    It seems to me most infantry recruits are only about 17 or 18 when they join. (I was chatting to a bloke the other day about joining up, when I mentioned that I was 24, I got the reply "F*ckin' 'ell mate, I'd been in for 6 years by the time I was your age") :?
  2. join a corps - the recruit is often more mature.
  3. I was thinking AAC and Sigs as my #2 and #3 choices, but my heart would always be in the RIR (family ties and all that, and I don't think I would really be happy in any other corp or reg, so I think it's the RIR or nothing. :? )
  4. BChris,

    First question, could I assume by your name that you may be from British Columbia Canada? Just assuming by the "BC" part.
    The choice is yours but the more specialized field you choose the easier you are going to be able to assimilate with people. The infantry is full of young lads starting in thier late teens. Trade is a good opition, but there are great parts of the gunners that getting plenty of action and adventure such as 7, 29 and even 4/73. You will find people to get along with no matter how old you are. I am 25 years old myself and in now.

    Cheers 2CB
  5. 2CB - Sorry mate, the BC bit is from an old board I used to be on with more than one Chris, I'm from 'Norren' Arrland', I have family in Totonto though :)

    I'm not sure what trades I can do, the recruitment officer has so far only suggested Pioneers, which I have no interest in joining, digging ditches isn't my thing or driver, but I reckon if I want to be a driver I could do that as a civvie.

    I guess I just don't want to turn up for basic and be stuck in a glorified daycare centre.
  6. If the family ties are such a big thing, why don't you go for one of the other Bns of the R. Irish? I know that the promotion is cr@p and you don't get out of Ulster much. However, the average age of recruits is a bit higher, and there is always the chance of transfer to 1Bn later, once you've cut your teeth a bit. Still, NI is not the place nowadays if you enjoy a bit of rough infantry stuff (except maybe Kellys in Portrush!). If it were me, i'd go for a trade mate.
  7. Thanks for the advice, I have to ring the recruitment officer soon, I'll ask him about the HS, but from what I've heard that's not looking like a good career choice.
  8. Chris,

    Your not too old - 27 is the limit. My Nephew joined when he was 21 last year and he told me there were older than him on his course.

    Give the 1st Bn Recruiting Team (BRT) a ring at Ballymena 'hey'

    028 2566 1361

    They will put you right.

    Good luck

  9. BChris I must shed a tear b.c of my excitment for another Canadian crossing the water, but if your family being from Toronto that is good enough for 2CB. Getting a trade is a great idea but just head in and talk to the recruiter, listen then take the BARB test. You would be surprised what opitions are there that he didnt tell you about. Just ask for a print out of job you qualified for if he doesnt give you the sheet.

    Cheers 2CB
  10. Tango - Cheers mate, I'll give Ballymena a ring on Monday to see what the craic is. It's good to hear there are people older than me joining, I don't want to be the Granda of the group at my age!

    2CB - I'll keep that in mind, my mate recently went in for his BARB and got a 40, so he's off to the Pioneers soon, poor bugger :-D
  11. 307

    307 War Hero

    Who cares about age as long as you're allowed in which you will be. You will most likely handle training better by being maturer than a lot of the youth, if it's what you wanna do, don't be put off. Your maturity will be respected and valuable in training and in your career and could mean quicker promotion, as you have life experience, throw caution to the wind and bloody go for it I say!
  12. Thanks for that man, that's a big boost :)
  13. I couldn't have put it better myself! Served 22yrs in an English infantry regiment and loved every day of it but have always slightly regretted the I didn't join an Irish regiment as logic dictated. A fine regiment, the R.Irish and don't worry about the age thing, it'll be an incentive ti get promoted quicker!! Good Luck.
  14. Couldn't agree with Jaeger more. The Royal Irish Regiment is one of the finest in the world. If a trade regiment is not for you, then the R. Irish is the way to go. I spent several good years in the home service before moving to a 'trade' corps. I wish that I'd spent my time in the 1st Bn, but that's life. Age isn't an issue. If you are motivated and can pass the fitness tests, then a few years of life experience is a bonus. Good luck mate.
  15. Thanks for the kind wishes, I got my application forms in the post yesterday (I only rang Ballymena on Wednesday, I've been pestering Omagh AFCO since November with no results!) so now I have to start tracking down all my lost uncles and aunties :)

    Started my training too, managed a 6 minute mile yesterday, is that good or bad?