Too old at 44???

The age limit was raised to 43 (42yrs and 11months) for everybody on 07/04/07. Why don't you try the CVHQ for whichever trade you are interested in , as they may not worry about you being a year over as you have previous experience.If accepted,depending on what you want to do you may be able to go specialist rather than independant.
Good luck
who_cares.... said:
Alternatively, zimmer along to your nearest RAuxAF squadron - upper age limit is 55 for those with previous military service.
Seconded. And there are good trades too, including gunner, if you can keep up with all the small boys from regular units.
I have never had anything to do with them, but don't the RLC Specialist units take people in at a higher upper age.
Calinius said:
Not interested in the RAuxAF, although their admin is very good compared to the T.A. and their standard of fitness is ok for RAF Regiment, the RAuxAF has some negatives about it.

Discipline is way too relaxed to the point that sometimes they don't come across as being a military organisation, they talk too much and they put you under pressure to be unnaturally friendly with each other in an effort to get new people to gel, they have way too many fat people in uniform who don't seem to care they look like a sack of lard.

There's also the issue of having female officers/commanding officers, I've never been in an outfit that had a female before, let alone commanding it.

Funny thing is that their current recruitment tests are ridiculously complex for just to be a Gunner or do their Force Protection role.

All that said, if the RAuxAF can have a higher age limit why can't the T.A. have that same limit instead of 43ish, I mean why is it 43 and not 45 anyway...

I'll phone a few more T.A. units.

You seem to know rather more about the RAuxAF than you do the TA, including their selection tests. Is there something you want to tell us?
I am sure that the TA can point to its fair share of "fat people in uniform" - although "generously proportioned" is the preferred term these days - and I rather think that the sort of unit that has them is the sort that might be more inclined to sponsor you for overage enlistment. You may find it hard to believe but the Army has actually had female officers for many years, and even in the long ago days of the WRAC we let them command units with men in them.

Simple fact is that the age limits are whatever they are and you will either have to accept it or be prepared to do some grovelling (quite possibly to a generously proportioned female OC or CO).

Do you remember an old saying along the lines of "Beggars can't be choosers" ?

Deleted 20555

no......don't want to go near the NHS in case they make it worse, bad fall years ago never really bothered me but now any lateral movement or...wait for it, driving the frigging car??? is very painful, normal walking running is fine, hopping nimbly from rock to rock isn't.
What about limit for New TA recruits, a mate told me it was 33. I`m 37 fit, (slim) keen (f*ck this is getting like a lonely hearts) GSOH, OCAH...oh b*ll*x.
Calinius wrote:
There's also the issue of having female officers/commanding officers, I've never been in an outfit that had a female before, let alone commanding it.

I think your well past your sell by date mate, the TA should leave you well alone in a man's world!
There's also the issue of having female officers/commanding officers, I've never been in an outfit that had a female before, let alone commanding it.
Come on you lot, Matey is strongly hinting that he wasn't in a regiment - he was in THE REGIMENT.

"Course in my day it was a fackin sight 'arder then they have it now"

"Fackin Annual camp was in fackin XMG. You didnt get yer fackin wings until you'd slotted a fackin player"

"Fackin Iranians. I knew I should ave fackin slotted that fackin Ayatollah while we were sorting the embassy aht."

"McNab. Right little fackin tosser he was. Course that isnt his real fackin name. Anyway, I kept telling him Andy, we are going the wrong fackin way - didnt fackin listen, the fackin twat. In the fackin end I just left im and fackin tunnelled my way back to fackin Saudi. Doesn't fackin mention me in the fackin book - even though I was the only fackin one who fackin brought a fackin SCUD back with me. Fackin earned my fackin bounty that year I can fackin tell you. "

"See that one there stood by the fackin jukebox. She is fackin gaggin for it mate. She's been giving me the fackin come on ever since we fackin came in. Just go over and tell her her lucks in tonight. Who dares wins as we say"
etc etc etc
Calinius - think sly and weaselly. There is no age limit for transfer between RAUx AF and TA is there?? So join the crabs, if you don't like it then transfer as a serving RAUxAF reservist rather than whinge as a civvy!

To those who cry "foul!" and "unfair to those desperate to get into crab-air and losing out" I say, all's fair in love and trying to get back into the cake. Now I've sorted Calnius out, anyone got any ideas about diabetes type 2 and getting through the perfunctory thing they call a medical at Chilwell??

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