Too niggy to fight....

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TonyBlair, Aug 28, 2007.

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  1. Tales of wow from Chilwell.

    Young Trooper refused deployment by Chilwell, following it being discovered that he`d only got about 17 days training.

    Imagaine if he`d got killed & the press got hold of that little titbit, I think that this was a good call by Chilwell, and they didn`t just have a boots on the ground attitude!!!

  2. Seconded.

    The Taliban would have ate him alive... If he hadn't ended up stagging on a brush for 6 months
  3. Fair play to the NIG but massive well done to Chilwell. It is bad enough without adding fudge factors in this way. Maybe next year young 'un? Chin up!
  4. How they feck can you get mobilised on 17 days training 8O :? 8O :?

    Good call RTMC
  5. I wonder who the muppet is that put him forward for deployment :roll:
  6. RAF Reserves were deployed in '03 during Gulf War II with only a 14 day recruit training camp under their belt. Granted, they were not anywhere near the frontline.
  7. Club Med or the Hilton? :D
  8. Er...

    TAFS = 5 days
    Phase 1B = 10 Days
    2 Week ATRA = 14 Days

    Thats 29 Days, depending on how long your basic trade training is, I reckon you're looking at around 40 Days before the possibility of mobilisation.

    Is 17 an exaggeration, or did the unit fuck up?
  9. That was my rough calculation, without adding CIC for my trade, if the unit did feck up I hope it doesnt happen again. Mind you I had guys get their papers th eday they finished CIC 3 weeks later at the doorstep of RTMC awaiting mobilisation
  10. Do we have anything to back this 'story' up? Sounds a load of bollox to me and if it is to be believed then Mr. Redtop rag would have a field day.

    Let's not kid ourselves on here.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Surely the new DIN would prevent that?

    No wait, am I commenting on military matters here? :roll:

  12. Mobilising someone with 17 days under their belt seems most unmilitary to me, so fill your boots msr!
  13. msr

    msr LE

    Ok, so it's a welfare issue - still can't discuss it ;)

  14. How about we get someone else to dub your posts a la BBC/Gerry Adams? Would that get round the DIN?
  15. It's just as likely that some over keen young recruit volunteered to go but was , rightly, turned down. After all the media never let the truth interfere with a good story.