Too much veg??

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by carlbcfc, Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. Now in my quest to get fit im replacing my lunch (not dinner) with a plate of steamed veg. Its fuckin shite but gotta be done, id much rather have a subway.

    Now breakfast is BranFlakes
    lunch is plate of veg

    dinners is either baked potatoes, a pasta dish or either chicken, lamb or steak with steamed potatoes and steamed veg.

    I hate this diet but is it good to cut a bit of weight?

    ..and is there some sort of sauce i can have with the veg as its takes like shite?
  2. I am doing the same thing at the minute mate, I am putting two tablespoons of pasta sauce through the veg before heating it, that will add between approx 35 calories to the meal, I am using the co-op pasta sauces they have loads of variety and they are only a quid. You could also chuck a bit of regge regge sauce in but it has more calories. If you don't fancy the sauces a bit of onion and garlic is good.
  3. I typed that as i was eating it, it was unbearable. I can easily turn that veg into pasta with pesto, cuecumber & tomato in and leave the veg for the dinner time. Ill never get tied of pasta, pesto, cuecumber & tomato.

    Pasta & potatoes are carbs right...they good for a diet or will it turn to fat if i dont burn it off?
  4. A quarter of a tin of oxtail soup takes 20 seconds to heat for instant gravy - 40kcals and coats the lot in beefiness.

    You need to be careful you don't totally p*ss yourself off. I'd certainly change lunch - 4-6 slices and something "healthy" (tuna, cottage cheese, scrambled egg) isn't going to break the calorie total.
  5. Sure try these....

    make a sauce of tinned tomato and onion with garlic and herbs and make a veggi pasta sauce - without the pasta
    or - puree the veg and make soup, add black pepper for flavour
    or - salad of leaves, spring onion, tomato, apple, pear, grapes, beetroot, grated carrot, celery, etc - witha dressing of olive oil and balsamic vinegar (1 tbsp olive oil, 1/2 tbsp balsamic, 1 tsp honey, 1tsp grain mustard)
    or - salad of beansprouts, spring onions, tomato, sliced cucumber, steamed courgette with a dressing of soy sauce, olive oil, fresh chilli, fresh ginger and lots of fresh coriander
    or - stir fry the veg with soy sauce, ginger and garlic

    all good for you, all low in calories, all will help the diet
  6. To be honest mate I have cut out the carbs, I lost a stone in a month. but have eatin veg like its going out of fashion, particularly as soup.
  7. ...stir fry brings me to another question.

    Is stir fry chcken with baby corns, onion, mushroom..etc, from the chinese takeaway healthy?
  8. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    What you should do is add a stock cube, bit of pepper and salt boil till soft then use one of those hand blender things to make a soup - as lumpy or smooth as you like - add tabasco and some crusty bread (no butter) and you're done.

  9. hmm..depends on how they cook it. In theory it should be great but if they add Msg then it's not great. Really easy to make all this yourself though.

    You can also use pitta bread to add a tuna/chicken salad to, or wraps.

    The easiest way to cut the weight is to cut out sweets, crisps, chips, alcohol (soooo heavy in calories). If you need to snack eat carrots, apples, pears, tangerines - go easy on grapes and avoid avocado

    Be careful cutying out too many carbs - you need them for energy if you are training hard
  10. Think is i love carbs and will eat pasta or any potato dish all day long
  11. Get yourself some Quorn (which is FINE if you add it to sauces after all the flavours are in it, honest) and make chillis, bolognese etc. and eat with baked potatoes/rice/pasta.

    If you use Frylight to do your frying, it is negligible in the calories stakes (if that's the way forward you want to go)

    I love carbs - ptoatoes etc. - but just don't eat them with too much protein (ok, so I'm not in training for the forces, just lost a fair bit of weight very easily recently and have some more to go) and then have a protein and veg-filled day with fewer carbs. Works a treat - and I can still have a drink/cheese/etc. in moderation.
  12. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    Another 'sauce' which is handy for making veg tasty:

    Mix a dollop of Boursin Lite or other garlic/chive/peppery cheese with some low fat yoghurt or fromage frais.

    Stir it through the veg when cooked, but still on a low heat. It warms the sauce through, and give the veg a zingy taste.
  13. I use these Noodles Bang in loads of green veg & carrots. Splash out on Pak Choi, exotic veg, fresh Ginger, etc. for a Chinese experience.

    Make sure there's loads of water for stock to bulk you out.

    Add sauces sparingly and Hey Ho! a nutritious meal and cheap too!
  14. With that in mind I like to steam some brocolli and cauliflower, stir though either light creme freche or plain fat free fromage frais sprinkle over a little fresh parmesan and garlic then grill it til it bubbles, yummy.
  15. Low carb diets don't have to taste like shit. Just make a normal meal with lean meat and the veg and sauces (avoiding creamy or sugary stuff) you like and leave the bread, potatoes and pasta out.

    When you do eat carbs, eat wholemeal stuff.