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I am currently on leave from work at the minute and I cannot seem to break out of the apathy of doing bugger all but sit in front of my PC. So having PMSL several times at new and old postings I thought I search for some 'nice' web sites to see if I could find anything interesting. 8O I then found Betsy (who is pictured below). So without further ado, I am curious to see if anyone would put their morals and pride to one side and give her one. This poll includes any ladies that may like to drink from the furry er! mixing bowl! The poll is you would have to ride her like Seabiscut for a whole night. Now we will sort the men from the boys or the chronically debt ridden


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No. Never.

Anyway, it would be a physical impossibility. Even John Holmes wouldn't reach.

Quite put me off me sarnies, it did.


OldSnowy said:
Anyway, it would be a physical impossibility. Even John Holmes wouldn't reach.
Ah not so!! With a bit of imagination the job’s a good’in.

You could use a harness and rope to lower yourself into position while she stands on her head, legs akimbo. This would allow gravity to shift all her roles of fat from their defensive positions and grant you access to the hidden passage where no man has been in years.

Alternatively there is no reason why you should have to assault her front bottom.
She appears to have enough blubber to shape into an appropriate crevice, and it is probably fair to say that her belly has enough grease to simulate a woman’s natural lubrication. All you would really need is a blindfold and an active imagination.

If neither of those appeal and you’re stuck for ideas, you could just lay back and think of England. Fat girls always manage to find a way, this would be the most dangerous method as you would be risking a shattered pelvis. If you’re feeling brave then it might be best to have a medic on call.

Now where do I sign up for the £5k ??
Darth_Doctrinus said:
Warning - not work friendly. At all.

Click here for one of many examples of how bad it could be...

I'm glad I'm at home and that the missus is asleep on the couch when I clicked on your link... 8O All I can think about now is the mechanics & the novelty value :twisted:

I'd like to know who elected to be my fluffer....... I've had no PMs and have a pair of big bulbous pods that need draining.

No mingers respond and if you look like a pasty faced, Treblinka based, spark plug model please Simon Westonise your head before you turn up to have your chops plastered :D
You'll probably find big handfuls of Bap cheese under there, a few squashed fondant fancies that she was saving for later and the TV remote control she thought she'd lost.

Fat birds like that should be melted down for dripping and glue
Has anyone joined? anyone sharing a password / username????

I want to join but not sure how I might explain a subscription to amputee models on my bank statement :D

Been a pants day today but that just had me in tears laughing and strangely aroused...


I saw a similar sized Hippocrocapig in Greece last week where the cpunks were sunning themselves on holiday. She was a Brit - of course - but the slightly odd thing about her was that she was toting around three normal-sized kids and a moderately buff blerk. I kept her under observation for an hour or so, during which time she managed to pile through a couple of extra large Cornettos, then did a CTR and discovered that she was reading 'Mountain Bike Racer' magazine, of all things. Perhaps I had entered 'The Twilight Zone'?
You told me it wasn't work safe, but I couldn't resist. It lasted about 2 seconds on my screen before I closed it, giggling like a baby in the gentle, early stages of a Zanussi spin-cycle.

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