Too much shouting in the Army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jungelism, Jan 16, 2010.

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  1. Times Online Linky

    Will a 'gentler approach' mean less discipline and subsequently a worse standard of soldier?
  2. Why not leave the machine that works alone and stop doing lefty studies and paying some veggie cu*t to come up with shit ideas about something he has no idea about.
  3. This country has, in the last thirty years turned its children and young people into a bunch of pampered, numpties.
  4. Quieter? Gentler? Could some civvy 'tree hugger' please explain to me how a parade of 300+ soldiers are going to perform slick, soldier-like drill, moving as a single body of men (okay I know we have women as well!) without the person in command being able to shout?
  5. Sorry but the job is well and truly fukced.
    No shouting at recruits what next!!

    Don't answer that one it might give the sandal wearing tree hugging yoghurt knitting lefties more ideas.
  6. A quiet face to face gripping rather than a bawling at across the square? Happens already dunnit?

    How are they expected to function under fire if they clam up with a bit of shouting?

    Anyways , kids these days dont even know theyre born , grumblegrumble etc.
  7. Non-story in my view. This type of article pops up on an annual basis.
    I agree with the comment about the nation turning into a pampered society though.
  8. Could some military dullard please explain to me where in that article it even mentions drill?

    You are too thick to velcro up your shoes and get on the shorter Special Outrage Bus for Special Soldiers who are Special.
  9. "I'm Not Angry, I'm Just Very Disappointed. Can you do a few press-ups please?"
    Doesn't quite have the same effect, does it?
  10. Half the fun of being on parade was learning not to lose composure when someone was getting a humiliating roasting shouted at max decibels! :D

    @ Mr_C_Hinecap: belt and beret off and double-time to the Hole! 8O
  11. [​IMG]

    I say chaps, would you mind awfully......
  12. There is something primeval that stirs an erection when I was giving it large in some scrotes ear because they had (genuinely) fucked up.

    9/10 never did it again!

    what a waste should it turn out to have an iota of truth, and knowing the liberal attitude lately given to the Yoof, might be more accurate than we think :roll:

    Does this mean we can't have re-runs of the following it case it sets a bad example?


    Whta next? They'll be banning 'Love Thy Neighbour' soon 8O
  13. While I don't read anything new in the report -there isn't anything in there that NCO's haven't been aware of and using for as long as I've been in- the softy-softy tone is bothering me.

    I believe we mustn't be gentler with our recruits, we need to toughen up. Why? Because the recruits we're training nowadays are much-much softer than we were and we were softer than our instructors. This probably goes back to Roman sergeants bitching about their touchy feely legionairs...

    It can, off course all be explained away. A higher standard of living and social improvement over yesteryear leads to a society not used to physical hardship and thus missing the mental edge needed to cope with it. Because of this people become nicer to one another. That's all fine.
    But soldiers need that mental edge, because they still have to function under physical and mental hardship. We need to train our soldiers by exposing them to violence and the threat of pain. If we don't they will fail in combat. We need to instill stamina in them by forcing them to keep marching while cold, wet and hungry while we shout at them at the same time. Because that's the only way to teach a 21st century youth, who is used to central heating, the modern school system and an urban lifestyle how to be a soldier. The 'Playstation Generation' is not particularly suited to Army life. This is a NATO wide problem. I don't think it is something the Afghan National Army suffers from. Third world armies do have some advantages to us.

    So, while we need to adapt our training to deal with the material we have to work with, that doesn't mean we ought to become gentler in our approach to our recruits. I do believe we need to make the learning curve less steep, I also believe we need to be tougher near the end. The shock of going from a modern schoolboys' life to an Army recruits' one should be kept small. After that the pressure should become increasingly high. Think of boiling lobsters, you start with cold water...
  14. Is that the same pampered, nunpties that I see daily doing the business in Helmand?
  15. surely the 1st bit of your army life (shouting and all) prepares you in some way for the battlefield (albeit in a small way), whats next? asking ali talibani to shoot a bit more quietly incase they scare the new soldiers off :D