Too much Moderation

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by carpetsfm7sr94champs, Feb 6, 2007.

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  1. This place is overly moderated, yes it is.
    See you.
  2. How so? Do you have any examples?
  3. :roll: Here we go again

    Moderators, to the hole with this one!!! (or just delete it :D )
  4. No comment Im on my best behaviour lol
  5. This part of the forum doesn't appear to be overly moderated. Any examples?
  6. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    The only major moderation that has gone on recently was a post deleted for the fact that some nuggest posted the board results with names rank number and unit.

    Pretty sure you would not be happy if you had your details plastered all over an open forum.
  7. Yes, a nugget did post the board results and that nugget apologies to all for being so foolish. It will not happen again.
  8. I actually think that, if anything, this board is under-moderated. I am often impressed by the restraint shown by the mods, despite some of the drivel and juvenile threads posted here. I think that they apply a very reasonable policy and personally I would not complain if they took an even more ruthless approach to moderating this board.
  9. I'd say the moderation on this site is pretty fcuked up actually and I'd love for a Moderator to answer this one:

    Why can't I type in profanities?

    It's getting fcuking stupid now some of the lame words that get deleted.

    I would assume that this is because people find it offensive? yet a browse around any one of hundreds of other internet forums (even TES which is full of school teachers FFS) will show that we are being a bunch of over-moderating prudes.

    If it is because of the offence that may be caused then why allow these which all featured recently in the NAAFI Bar:

    Special Needs Trampolining


    Tourettes Ch 4 Now!!

    I cannot call someone a cnut on here yet mocking afflicted children is seen as acceptable?? Irrespective of how many warnings you want to put out about stuff that you find in the NAAFI Bar I find the above posts highly fcuking offensive!
  10. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator


    I suggest you take your gripe up with the moderators of the naafi bar. The CO's of the site set the moderation policy. It is mainly aimed at PERSEC and OPSEC.

    As for the swearing it is something that is built into the system by the the two CO's when the forum started.

    PM them I am sure they will answer your questions.

    Remeber I only moderate the Signals Forum.


  11. Now maybe I'm a little too cynical for this, but haven't you just contradicted your own point at least twice in the same post? Is this meant to be a clever dichotomy, or have you missed your own point about being able to deliberately corrupt the text to bypass the site's swear filter?

    As for the NAAFI bar, as ISG says, speak to the moderator of that forum. As you rightly say, there are warnings everywhere about the NAAFI bar. You do retain, of course, the exclusive right NOT to read it!!

  12. You beat me to it Ghostie. E Layer, so you want to swear, and complain that the site is over-moderated, but in the next sentence you complain about threads about mongs. Do they hit a little close to home? The site is, generally, extremely well moderated. The NAAFI can get a little ribald, and you have stated that you are aware of the fact, yet you still go in there? Now, who's fault is it if you get offended.......?
  13. E-Layer,

    I don't see what your fucking problem is. Now stop acting like a cunt. ;)
  15. far to much carpets