too much kit maybe?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by felixthefox, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. Not really equilvent is it one bloke on stag others a para whose just dropped
    in too northern iraq ,but does seem to be a living buckaroo.

  2. The soldiers are all in the US Army. By definition, Tom(my Atkins) is British. would you call a British soldier a GI? I hope not. :D
  3. Sorry Fred, that bloke at 20 is a Brit- you can tell by the way he is trying to get his radio to work properly.
  4. E-gads man. Why the hell do all American squaddies think that they're a walking talking subway sandwich shop or some sort of super human.
  5. 1 - Bloke at 0:20 seems to have a 16 AA Bde patch and is manning a GPMG - I'd say he's a tom :p
    2 - The spam at 0:25 - isn't his oppo kneeling behind him, facing the other way? That would explain the kit-monster appearance.