Too much inbreeding maybe?

Looks like she's related to Jabba the Hutt....

:lol: :lol: :lol:



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I love the first comment:

''I blame Climate Change''
Mr_Deputy said:
he's clearly a kinky sod. We can see the following perversions in the man:

1. he a 'Feeder' - she's a big unit
2. sex with pregnant women
3. into threesomes - with his wife and son/daughter ffs
4. incest - he's been banging his todger up and down on his son's head for several months

probably some more - anyone else think of some more to condemn him with?
I think the picture of his wife is more than enough.
vvaannmmaann said:
How could they tell she was in calf?
By putting on one of those fuck off big gloves that come to the shoulder and shoving their fist up her arse
What if one is black......with ginger fucking hair :?: 8O
At least the babies wont go hungry judging by those chins.
Are they absolutely certain the first doctor didn't just mistake pregnancy for being really really fat?

I'm sure she has heart murmurs or an erratic heart beat due to the liquid cheese pumping through her veins, maybe that's what was picked up as an infant heartbeat the first time round.

Fatty :|
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