Too much Drink?

This Chav, the size of a shithouse, and his missus get all blinged up for a nite out on the sauce.
In this one up market boozer it is heaving with the Friday nite normal clientel. Anyway after a couple of Stellas, the Chav announces to his missus that he's off to drain the main vein.
She is left stood there sipping her Chablis, when this scruffy pissed up student type approaches her.
He burbles to her,
" Yor reely fit u are, can i touch yer tits.'
She is disgusted.
" Can i lick yer ring peice" is the next thing uttered by the pissed up student.
She looks away in disgust
"Yer know wot, i would luv to fill yer pussy right up to the top, with cider and drink from yer furry cup"
She is mortified and tells him to piss off, just as the Chav lumbers into view.
He sees the student and wants to know whats occurred in his abscence.
She tell him about he wanting to feel her tits and lick her arse.
Right says the chav as he takes his Burberry jacket off.
" i am gonna beat him senseless"
Thrilled at the student getting whats due, she tells him about the cider drinking.
At which point the Chav says" we're leavng, anyone who drinks that much i ain't fighting !!!1"

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