Too much Charity

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by skintboymike, Nov 17, 2005.

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  1. I'm probably going to get shot down in flames for even daring to suggest the thought, but does anyone else on ARRSE think that there's too many charity events going on these days? Not that there's anything wrong with helping the needy or anything, but far too many soldiers seem obsessed with organising and attending charity events just to get their mug in the weekly rag. Is it such a crime to do charity work and go unnoticed? Do people have such easy jobs nowadays that their lives revolve around this kind of activity? I wouldn't dream of suggesting that the majority of these people are merely publicity grabbing. I'm probably alone on this one, but it does get a bit tedious reading the Sixth Sense every week just to see a load of opportunist people (mainly seniors and officers, I hasten to add) stood side by side with big cheques, grinning from ear to ear. Do newspaper reporters really have nothing else whatsoever to report? What about escalating crime in BFG, for example? Or even some individual's pissup around Europe, with pictures?

    I've got the blindfold on, having my last fag, fire when ready....
  2. Just me, then.....
  3. No not just you
    One look at Christian Aids costs stopped me donating to anybody but the Poppy Appeal years ago

    Equally skint Jagman
  4. I once read that 'Charity' to Africa was a way in which poor people in democracies could donate money to rich African Despots
  5. Does it really matter if someone gives to charity because they’re stroking their ego or actually care? The end result is the same, a good cause is given a little extra help.
  6. Trouble is, how do you know that the money is going to where its needed. Some of these charities behave like multinational conglomerates. Charity begins at home, and in the majority of cases, thats where it should end, the government pays enough for dictators jets without me adding.
  7. Before you even consider donating to charity ask them to show you their administation costs!
    Some of them "cost" more than 90% of their income to run......
  8. I desperately need help with my alcohol and tobacco dependencies. About two hundred a week should see me through. Give till it hurts.
  9. I believe that charities should have to publish some form of expenditure update every month online, so that people can not only donate to the causes they believe in, but to the ones that they believe are being run the least corruptly. There are thousands of charities out there, and if they were all doing as honest and thorough a job as they say they are, Ethiopians would be sat on mink-lined thrones puffing big fat Cubans (the cigar, not the people).
  10. A quite brilliant and simple suggestion that removes all the doubts about where contributions are going. Why not? We should all apply this rigoruosly to all charities and eventually we'll see what's wheat and what's chaff! :D :D :D
    Fair play to the boy! 'E done good! :D :D :D :D :D

  11. I'll start by suggesting it to First Response and see what the outcome is, anyone else got contacts in a charitable organisation like to try the same?
  12. Saw this article in the Sunday times today on the topic: Sunday Times Article

    General angle : small is beautiful
  13. I once read that charity was millions of poor people in the West giving money to a few thousand rich people in wherever! Except it was a far more eloquent statement than that!

    I support HMG, the EU, the British Legion, my Corps, the Army Benevolent Fund, SWMBO, the kid and my father but not necessarily in that order.
    I wish I didn't support HMG and the EU but I haven't yet worked out a way of achieving that.
    I don't support the big charities, as I don't usually agree with their aims or their methods of collection.

    And yes, I agree with the original proposal. Far too much of it! If you want to help a charity, choose a small one and offer physical help. Usually far more effective.


  14. I much prefer the photos of the Garrison Commanders handing over the keys to brand new MSQs to Bandsman and Mrs Snodgrass. Oh look at us and our new fully PUMA'd gaff. Big smilie faces all round looking like City Bakers Hallowee'n cakes.

    I often wonder where they were with the cameras when they handed me the keys to my run down health risk hovel. I also frequently wonder how the c*nt who was in it before me got away with leaving it in the state which he did.

    They're all c*nts. And they know it. As for the 6th Sense being described as a Newspaper......I've seen more 'news' in the Sunday Sport. The 6th Sense is f*ck all but an extension of Auto Trader. The Garrison reporters are tops. Nosy B*stards.

    The whingers pages are best. It's the only reason I read it. Well. that and the fact there's fack all else to do between having a sh*t and wiping your arrse.

    Don't even start me on that Soldier Magazine. Every month some f*cker on a mountain bike is raising money for this or that.
  15. "Charadee" work - sick of it.

    Where I work it is epidemic to the point where you are often put in the position where you have to donate money to some snivlling fellow worker, just to get them to deliver.

    "Hey Hootch, I'm running 10 marathons back to back to rise money for homeless African children with cancer, no pressure but would you like to make a donation ?"

    "Still waiting for that report you were supposed to deliver last week"

    "Come on Hootch, only £25 starting donation ....... I mean it's terrible, none of these kids have ipods blah, blah, blah"

    Bottom line, it becomes plain that I must donate, in order to get things done.