Too many white faces on the BBC news

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Aug 14, 2006.

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  1. Link here

    (Mary Fitzpatrick is the BBC's new 'diversity czar')
  2. Perhaps I am wrong and very certainly not pc, but the British Isles were historically settled by white people of various persuasions.
  3. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    Stupid woman.

    Take a look at BBC World, there's hardly a white face in sight!

    At least the rest of the BBC realises it has the balance about right and doesn't need to be subjected to any rediculous positive racism, sorry, discrimination. :x
  4. I think she's right. How could a white person possibly tell you what's happening where black people live. Also I think they should, in order to be more culturally diverse and authentic, report the news in the local language rather than pandering to our racist colonialist preconception and speaking English.
  5. yeah we should hang our heaeds in shame for being white, havent you learnt that by now

    you racist bar stewards!
  6. I have a solution!!!!

  7. :lol:

    woke the doris up laughing, shes not impressed :cry:
  8. I don’t give a fat rat's pump what colour, height, weight, or sexual persuasion they are as long as they don't strangulate the English language like Oral Guerin.
  9. Or tell lies about what is happening, and report from their perspective.

    Can't be doing with SkyNews (so called) and their spinning out of the incident with conjecture and drivel.
  10. BBC worlds planet is filled only with fit asian chicks and camp australian sports presenters

    On a similar note to the thread, when watching the 7/7 coverage on the Beeb and the following media circus, it appeared at one stage that only "none white" londoners had been effected or were asked/had an opinion on the situation, alternatively the BBC was choosing to weight its coverage this way

    Not something I'd normally point out or be bothered by, but it was so defined it lodged in my mind
  11. I note she came from Channel 4 (land of diversity) and is being paid the princely sum of £90,000 from the licence fee for her important job :wink:
  12. I thought the BBC already had a dedicated programme with over 90% ethnic faces on it :twisted:

  13. Perhaps someone might like to point out to the BBC that 92% of the British population are nativeborn whites. I know this is awfully inconvenient, but it is something they are going to have to live with. I just wish they would stop their obsession with race and Islam; it is childish student union identity politics.
  14. what planet is she from - The BBC news is there for the BRITISH public of which only a small percentage are non-white. A BBC reporter in Iraq or Ethopia is reporting on behalf of the BBC. If you want to watch non-white coverage then watch foreign tv but first you will need to speak a multitude of languages.

    This PC bollokcs is driving me mad.

    Respect OUR laws and culture or P=ss off
  15. Perhaps she's just taking the term 'foreign correspondent' literally?

    Anyway, there are plenty of non-white/on-British reporters on the BBC; apart from Orla Al-Guerin there's Lise Doucette (another mangler of the English language), Ragy Omar and Matthew Amroliwalla (son of an RAF Air Cdre) - and there are others.