Too many police on guard?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Nov 24, 2006.

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  1. Has this anti terror thing with armed walt like police on gurad all over the place got out of hand. I mean when exactly was the last time that they were utilised. Are they not over paid, over qualified and under trained? Could they not be better utilised actually back on the beat, doing a job that is far more needed. Security, especially point security and guarding of airports. stations etc could be better placed in the hands of extended service or MPGS?
  2. Hardly fair to call them waltish - What exactly are they walting as? All the armed police I've ever worked with have been very professional and well trained in what they do. They're a valuable deterrent and whether they've been utilised or not, it's worth having them there for the one time they are. The job they do is a police job and is best left to the police. Besides, I don't want to get spammed!
  3. our lords and masters clearly find it necessary to protect the state and it's fine legislators against a potential attack.

    whether they are equalled committed to you I leave to your conscience and judgement.
  4. And I'd suggest that their weapon skills are practiced more often, and to a higher standard than most squaddies.
  5. Things must of changed a great deal. Even the RUC weren't that great, apart from their specialist units.
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Most squaddies arent Inf on ops so thats quite normal! as for most armed police the ones I personally know seem good to excellent the rest seem almost a bit Dads Army pte Pike with the Thompson.

    That said I believe that they have similar rules to the Army on ops in NI, check zero every so many days. I was probably a rarity in my Bn actually being interested in firearms and not REME. I shot a lot before joining and after trg the shooting skills faded till an ops tour came up!
  8. Another "outstanding" post, must ask exactly what you thought you were gonna get from starting this thread?
  9. Often on tube trains!!
  11. Well something perhaps other than one liners. (although I am as guilty as anyone at using them for cheap effect).

    Can you imagine what the costs of maintaining a 24 hr guard of trained/experienced police officers is at somewhere like Heathrow. Now the police like it cos they get additional pay, overtime and other perks. But the effect is that trained and qualiied police are being diverted from policing the streets and are getting increasingly tied up in Key point guards, somethinmg that could be out sourced. this outsourcing could be on anynumber of basis to ensure that it was properly constituted and satisfied the requirement (prior to it becoming forrmally accepted). the result (if sucessful) would be a saving of trained police manpower, you would still need some police located at Airports etc, but not the very high numbers of armed patrols we see nowadays. Bear in mind that when they do increase security they still call in MOD assistance.
  12. I've long thought that we need an armed para-military force in this country, something like the Gendarmarie that exists in other European countries.
    Not only could they be used to guard sensitive facilities, but they could be tasked with border security and double up as public order/riot control.
  13. Keeping trained Police Officers tied up stagging on is nonsense.

    While all of these highly trained and expensive assets are used in this way there will always be a justification for community support officers to walk around town centres and council estates carrying out most of the role of police officers.

    If there is a need for an uber Securicor then create one and pay security guard salaries. Put Police Officers back where they belong, policing the community.
  15. That's my point really 'normal police' are working overtime as the 'other police' are doing 'other' things. Those 'other' things are of course the ambition of most Police Officers who will do anything they can to get off the beat. Sadly Joe Public rather likes to see police officers policing, soldiers soldiering and security guards guarding.