Discussion in 'RAC' started by paveway_3, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. Come on lads , those of you that are serving , all that goes on in this thread is a bunch of old farts talking about Chieftain sprokets and
    how un-classy the RTR is . Now i know the RAC is the most comitted
    teeth arm corp in IRAQ , so if your TANKS or RECCE lets take back
    this forum from the old farts before we all die of boredom.Lets have
    some tales from the desert and of action,contacts etc instead of the old
    drivel about when ''smudger got nicked in Detmold '' . cheers
    pw_3 QDG
  2. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    With every passing day, there will be more former members of the Royal Armoured Corps, and so long as it is King Tony's personal army, there'll be fewer serving members.

    FACT. Live with it.


    Then there was that time ...

    Edited cos I was typing one-handed and eating cashews with the other and not looking at what I was doing.
  3. The cold war is over? Don't tell anyone in Germany...
  4. Go on then Paveway lets have a tale from the desert!!
  5. HA HA wakey wakey , you are all home from the legion .Come gents
    outside on the patio nurse will give you medication and then you can have a nice cup of tea.Welcome to the RAC old comrades nursing home .Dont
    forget to first parade your wheelchairs.
  6. Actually, there are a number of 'cold war warriors' still serving in fairly senior command positions and most went to the desert...I spent 3 years there but it was not as much fun when we trained poorly and often with a view to stopping the 3rd Shock Army in its you tell us something funny so we can have a laugh!
  7. He's a fecking loooonatic that Smudger is - did the Polizei have to get the dogs out again?
  8. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Come on chappy - tell us war story that will amuse us while we while away the hours in our bath chairs - put up or shut up.
  9. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Hmmm paveway if you are really in the RAC what are you doing not working at this time of day. I pay tax you know, unless you are above the rank of capt (have to say that or someone might get upset) get off the computer AND BACK TO WORK.
  10. Thats more like it chaps , i am in the RAC and proud of it . Lets have some banter, this RAC forum has been boring as feck since QDG have been on Telic 1/5/8 , maybe there are some RDG in arrse they do sod all .
  11. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    And I presume you will be telling "stories" in welsh?
  12. So you´re now bored of bigging up the QDG and you´ve decided that only serving personnel can use ARRSE. You obviously have very little real work to do. I dip into ARRSE from time to time because it brings back memories of my 21 very happy years in the HCAV/RAC, and also because it keeps me up to date with what´s going on. I particularly enjoy the 3 RTR thread, which I read to myself in my best Farmer Giles accent. Most of it is much funnier than anything on the telly.

    The gist of my message is, if you´ve got something to say, say it. If not, get back to the tank park or whichever hot contact you can fit in between threads.
  13. Jorrocks well said mate, I would just like to add come on Paveway_3 'Clear Hot' or are you 'Winchester'? Lets have some constuctive banter from the desert without slagging off the poeple who are enjoying the current threads on the RAC forum.
  14. Ok chaps its ment to be a bit of banter , i am not getting personal with
    any of you , I am on R and R with sod else to do during the day .If you guys dont like a bit of friendly micky taking well thats not my fault .I am
    not Winchester or even bingo its called recce by fire and i have spotted
    the miserable ,boring old farts with no sense of humour .
  15. If you're on R&R you must be in the town my butti, because if you had returned to the valleys you would be up to your groin in your girlfriend at the moment.

    Baaaaaaa! ;)