Too many nay Sayers ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by headgear, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. Recently it's struck me that far too many single interest groups seem to have far too much influence over the future of the country and the general population - in fact I d go as far as saying that they are damaging britains development and the future of our kids

    1. Green belt protectors - nimby's with a very loud voice determined to stop any further development in the countryside condemning thousands if not millions of people in a growing population of gaining their own accommodation and the creation of new businesses or infrastructure ( rail/roads/reservoirs etc) from being built or started

    2. The Labour Party - deliberately and cynically saying no to every single government plan ( without suggesting any themselves) for political gain rather than in the interests of the people - thus stagnating any creativity

    3. The Conservative party - guilty of stupidity in allowing red ed to veto everything and for announcing policies without explaining them properly

    4. Green people - insisting on sticking to unrealistic carbon targets that make everyone pay far more on their bills whilst stifling the creation of any new power generation plants - nuclear or coal

    5. "Nice people" - who insist that immigration is not a problem whilst ignoring the changing face of Britain and the increased strain on housing and amenities

    6. Universities - actively engaged on misleading the youth that further education is the only way ahead whilst degrading apprenticeships and artisan trades

    7. Religion(all), human rights lawyer s and the unions - enough said

    8. Women - actively engaged in demasculating men into their own warped vision whilst complaining about not enough real men around! - look at the growth of the metrosexual and and how young boys are all into fashion and hair products !

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  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    9. Too many people coming onto ARRSE just to moan and complain without adding something positive to the site.;P
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  3. 10. Too many complaints being based around the ideas that 'wot I can see round my way' = 'universal norm' and 'I got summink to say' = 'I got summink worthwhile to say'.

    Democracy - the idea that one thousand fools are magically wiser than one clever bloke.
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  4. The scary thing is the political clout all these single issue lobby groups possess and are allowed to exert 'behind the scenes'. Why our politicians don't just ignore them is a mystery to me. Even charities such as the WWF, RSPCA and Greenpeace have morphed into quasi political organisations each with their own agenda driven, political drum to bang. If the chairman of the RSPCA wants to stand as an MP, let him try and get elected. They should not be exerting influence, by whatever means, on serving MPs.

    I stood in the local County elections a couple of years ago and got a letter from a local pressure group which basically said, 'Come out in support of our issue or we will write nasty things about you on our website'. I threw it in the bin.
  5. That's very naughty of them. If you can say without giving too much away, what was/is their "issue", exactly?
  6. It's a standard tactic and happens across the board. Certain individuals become obsessed with a particular issue and view anyone who isn't at least as concerned as they are as some kind of baby bayonetting, fascist. I would imagine the same tactics are used at national level along with a few 'sweeteners' such as fact finding missions abroad, somewhere nice and hot with bars, or the potential to become a Director once the public see the light and vote them out of office.

    Bearing in mind at one stage Greenpeace were considering renaming one of their vessels 'Samantha Cameron' as she is / was a GP activist, and that Daddy earns at least 1K a day from the windmills on his land and you can see why certain politicians act and make decisions that seem to make no sense to the silent majority.
  7. Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention 11. Using 'the silent majority' to justify any standpoint.

    If they're really 'silent', how can anyone know what they think about anything and if they really care that much why are they being 'silent' about it? Nine times out of ten it's used by the small to explain to themselves why their ideas aren't gaining traction on the popular consciousness: it ain't that they themselves hold a minority opinion - oh no, it can't possibly be that - it's that the majority really do think the same way as them but just aren't speaking out for some sinister reason.

    It gets on my ******* tits.
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  8. Problem is, the West still has too much money despite being in recession. Things don't change unless they get that bad that they have to, otherwise people's inherrent need not to offend stops them making tough decisions. This then makes it very difficult for poloticians to make any real changes, ie massive cuts, stop immigration etc.

    The only things that can save society are for us to get much poorer or a bloody good war!
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Gosh. So people who have lived in the green bits all their lives, often going back generations, or people who have done OK and bought a bit of green should not object to the likes of John Prescott flogging the old mental hospital to a reptilian property developer who will chuck up a bunch of ****-hutches to be flogged off to sales reps and their ghastly shrieking wives and weird drug abusing children?

    Build 65 story tower blocks in Liverpool and Hull. Let them live there.

    As for the "creation of new businesses or infrastructure"? Let them create some. Then they will be able to afford to live in the country. Until then, they can **** off.
  10. Headgear as a point. What has happened to the "Majority Rules" mantra. It seems nowadays that we cater to the minority in almost everything we do. 3 people complain about a TV add - it gets pulled. 1 person complains about speeding traffic - cameras and speed bumps. 1 person takes offense at a word spoken in public - severe reprimand or possible loss of job. A few people complain about xmas decorations in an office - take them all down.

    Not that I care about Fox Hunting but I think this is where it all started, a few hundred people changed a 200 yr old tradition, meanwhile millions of people didn't give a flying ****.

    I'll give you an example of Political Stupidity. The Ontario Government planned to build two gas fired power plants, work started, millions paid out to contractors. 22 people complained (nimbyism) so the Gov decided to move the power plants elsewhere. To date: Four Years after they started building, we still don't have the 2 new ones, and the extra COST to move them has now reached a staggering $892 MILLION - FOR 22 fukkin people. Not one person from the Liberal Party has been called to account and not one person has been fired.

    I was going to write more but I need to go lie down.
  11. People complaining about people complaining.


  12. I sat at the bar in my local when I was at home. Loads of blokes all giving it the White hetro opressed male shit, dripping about imigrants taking our houses and jobs etc

    I did a quick poll

    Who has a job? all hands went up
    Who owns their own home? All hands went up
    Who knows any one from an ethnic background of any sort? All hands stayed down

    Well shut the **** up moaning

    Most of the population get their "views" from the Sun, Daily star, Daily mail. which are rarely if ever balanced in their portrayal of any "news story"

    Unfortunately the leftist media don't help either

    OP is right in saying topics seem too controversial to debate. They shouldn't be. Population growth, for instance whether from national population or immigration absolutely will effect the economy and services in different ways.

    Raising the point shouldn't immediately make you a BNP candidate, but you have to do it from an informed position not the "somalian mother of 16 stole my mansion" outrage bus