Too many Majors and not enough jobs?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by The_Phantom, Feb 16, 2010.

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  1. Current duty rumour suggests that there are too many Majors and not enough jobs for them and that the next No5 board (sat last week, results out next week) will see lots and lots of chaps 'san jobs'. Rumour also has it that Glasgow have known that this has been coming for a while now.

    Has anyone heard the same or indeed is close enough to the APC coal face to know what the plan to deal with alleged issue is?
  2. If that is the case then Glasgow messed up last time round - I am aware of several jobs that weren't filled. Or perhaps there is still fall-out from the timetable changes of the boards?
  3. The Army could always get rid of a few ROs and permit some thought approaching the 20th Century. Wouldn't that be novel?
  4. Good lord man, whatever next? Lets wait until Maefeking is relieved before we get rid of the ROs shall we?
  5. Not sure but if it is the case - why so many FTRS SO2s/ civie consultants/ MOD civies in SO2 roles if we are so over burdened with Majors??

    Seems to be plenty of gapped posts and the FTRS lot are being thinned out to save money, so there will be more.

    OCE list seems to have a 100 or so Majors jobs on it.

    Maybe more to do with the Army being broke and binning Officers is good sport and the MOD civies are unionised.
  6. I rather think you'll see an increase in RO (MSF) posts. The impending near-civilianisation of DE & S, and the impossibility of delivering outputs without military knowledge, makes it inevitable.
  7. maybe the Scallies could comment...they seem to have a habit of letting things slip!
  8. A lot of old SO3 jobs seem to have been "upgraded" to SO2 jobs - could be brown envelope time for some. It's time to chop away at those who are pushing it out until their 16 year point by spending too much time deer stalking and not long enough working. Good work if you can get it though!
  9. double post
  10. from my limited experience, there's not much of this actually going on...certainly not on the staff, maybe at RD, but that's half the point of RD, to have some fun
  11. Interesting number of SO2 jobs being filled by Civvie Contractors who in the most case are retired Lt Cols, doing military work. seems that the the policy of cutting militry staff from the tail to allow them to be deployed forward has backfired. Contractors (or Consultants as they prefer) are incredibly expensive - but because they are on contracts they can be sacked much more easily and cheaply than serving staff, who for the most part will be entitled to a pension anyway when they leave, thus still being a cost to defence. Seems sensible then to cut away the Contracters?consultants and replace them with Military. Simples!!
  12. Not as far as I'm aware. According to the last MCM Div roadshow there are still too few Majors to fill the total E1 + E2 liability across the Army. I seem to be doing 2 jobs anyway, although that may be due to the civvy who works with me being shite.

    ... but I did hear that too many Lt Cols have been promoted over the past few years and consequently there will be a severe reduction in numbers to be selected this year (and into the next few years too).
  13. In the great scheme of things there are far more SO2 jobs than there are Majors. Occasionally however, some boards have more candidates to place than there are jobs available at that particular time; sweep up boards usually iron out the glitch. Hope this helps.
  14. Defence contractors need to be split in to 2 types;
    -Interim professionals - who cover SO1-3 Jobs when there isn't an appropriate regular available
    -Specialists who have skills or quals it wouldn't be reasonable or cost efficient for the military to develop.

    Interim professionals are paid a % of daily capitation for the post/rank (the total cost to the treasury of an individual that includes daily rate of pay, non contributory pension, T&S, CSA etc etc). Contracting agency gets a %.
    This is sometimes cheaper if the capitation is divided by 365 as contractors only work weekdays. It is certainly cheaper in HR costs - non pension, no redundnacy payments. Contractors lead a precarious existance, and those retired Lt Cols will also be living off their pension as well.
    FTRS are being used more and more as they are slightly more politically acceptable, and in some cases don't get paid "X factor".

    Specialist consultants will be expensive if they have a monopoly on the specific skills required - but then good procurement and use of the tendering process should allow some market forces to reduce the price down.

    Ultimately, consultants & contractors are quicker to get rid of than unionised employees, so look forward to the Abbeywood procurement PFI in the near future
  15. .........but is the liability what is actually required, or are there many posts which do not add enough value and could be cut? There are some harsh decisions required - and questions about the value of Media Ops, Equality and Diversity, Secretariat posts etc, and are they 'nice-to-haves', rather than essential, yet to be asked.

    A distinct possibility - and the Limited Employment community will be hardest hit.