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Shock horror, soldiers photographed wearing cam cream in jungle, easily offended civvies go into meltdown, Army shits itself.

British Army under fire for 'racist' tweet that showed a soldier with black face paint

The British Army has come under fire for posting an image of a soldier with a “blacked up” face on social media.

The image, published by the Army’s official Twitter account, showed a soldier wearing black face-paint as part of his camouflage in a jungle.

The tweet, which was swiftly deleted, was described as “stupid” and “racist” by outraged social media users who had saved the image.

It was captioned with the words: “Being a soldier in the jungle requires a robust sense of humour”.



Some people will complain about anything these days. If they see something and it doesn't fit in to their skewed little world, the little darlings get terribly upset...

Fücking pansies.
I always used to dress for dinner in the jungle

Nothing to be fucking upset over in the first place - the same as that picture of the woman on Usain bolts back - they are the idiots jumping to conclusions , in this case ' ooh he has blacked up , im going to get angry about that '


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Errr I thought you went with multiple colours to shorten out the highs and lows of the face so shadow and shine got reduced. Why would you blacken the whole of the face? Would it not make more sense to have deep colours on the shine area and lighter on the shallow to achieve this?

And to be honest there are much better photos than that one to show jungle training. It is dull, lacks any explanation of what is going on and, awaiting people to have a go, it looks a little too much like some one posted it knowing what is shows and that they were looking for offence to the offended by the offence.

Fucking amateur time by Army PR to be honest.
Didn't see anyone getting all teary eyed about Arnie blacking up for his films.

Much Ado About Nothing as W. Shakespear wrote. Personally I would not have used that much cam cream on my face, but it is what it is and only civvies and dusky hued gentlemen with a chip on their shoulder would take offense where none is meant. Social media is a landscape littered with booby traps and land mines. (and fuckwits) Post content at your peril.
Arnie in Predator:

Predator 1.jpg

Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now:

Copy of Martin Sheen Apocalypse Now.jpg

Seems gen camo to me. Civies and racist f*cks who make it their business to be offended should STFU.
Personally can't see what the problem is....? I used to look like that every time I took my head out from under the engine deck's of a Chieftain.:D

Let's be honest, some people just haven't got anything better to do. Just sit in front of a computer screen picking, on things to have a winge about especially if the establishment is involved !!!

:threaten::threaten::threaten: TOSSERS!!!!!!!!!
Tsk, Guards... That explains a lot. ;-)

Guards Flash.jpg

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