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A day late

I have set myself 3 options out:

A- Travel more and worry about my career later (I am 22 years old)
B- Take advantage of the VERY strong economic situation in Australia and seek sponsorship to settle down here
C- Go back to Blighty and join the Army

If I could fit in a couple more years of travelling and still get to see some action, then I would love to. I still have a long while to decide, but knowing if I can still see some action, or not, is a huge contributing factor to my decision.

p.s. Thanks Disco!
Dear Prudence,
I am 22 years old and screwing everything that moves on Bondi Beach and earning loads of cash.

I am worried that by the time I get home all the fighting will be finished in Afghanistan and joining the Army will be boring.

What should I do?

Yours truly

A T****r


Gotcha - understandable, but unfortunately situations change. you could join up in 2 years with the govt saying we'll be in Afghanistan forever and then the General Election may see in a different view point and pull us out overnight. Or maybe Terry Taliban will give up on Al Jezeera.

If joining up is what you want to do, then do it. Yes, get the other things done (like travelling and avoiding STDs in foreign flop houses - like your work), but come back to your aspirational profession. You could do one tour and then nothing for the rest of your career (Op tour wise). You could get thrashed on back to back deployments. You wont know until your you're in the green machine.

Good luck.

Cheers mate. Your posts have helped a lot.

@ A Day Late- Suck me off.
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