Too late to join?

Hello everyone,

It might be a stupid question - I have a year left at university - ending in around June next year. Is it too late for me to join up with a local TA unit?

I am considering following a career in the army, but I am a latecomer to the idea (only very recently) so would like to know more. The money wouldn't hurt, and it'll mean I'll be doing something other then reading all week. The local OTC will only take new recuits with two years left - is it the same for the TA?

Yes you may join the TA. UOTC is a completely different entity.
you dont want to go to a OTC unit anyway, they are full of fcuktards!!

Not sure what the age for TA is now, it depends on loads of different factors.

Try the TA website, or even await a post from MSR as he is in the know!!

By the way - take biscuits :p


You can join the TA, but you need to ensure that your degree is your number 1 priority.

Thanks everyone.

You're absolutely right msr - I will give it a lot of thought before I jump in, but I reckon the amount of time I spend wasting rather then working, having a bit more discipline in my schedule wouldn't be a bad thing. Also having a night and every other weekend free of reading (and drinking!) wouldn't do a great deal of harm either. Thanks for the advice!

I presume that the local units will be out of barracks over the weekend? Is it best I call on parade night, or am I likely to find someone around over the week/weekend?



Bob in on a drill night.



Upper age limit for TA is now 43, although some medical units will take older if qualified, as for OTC, you can join as a Soldier then go Officer later if you wish, just let the Unit your joining know your interested.

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