Too late to be deployed ?

My son is currently on 3 weeks summer leave and then on a course for 13 wks.His new unit is about to be deployed on Herrick 13 in Oct,he will not arrive untill early Nov.
Will he be able to deploy ? (his wish) !
Yeah he can either do the All Ranks Brief or the 5 day Individual Replacement OPTAG course at Lydd. It will all depend on whether his unit want him to deploy or not and whether there is a PID free.
ignore my ignorance,what's a PID?
One of his mate's has arrived at the new unit,which seems a bit short of blokes,i presume they will have TA/Reserve back up?
Its a place on the Order of Battle of a unit. Units deploying on ops are limited to the number of PIDs they hold so if they had 100 PIDs on the Op Orbat but 200 soldiers sat in camp they could only deploy with the 100 that they could allocate a slot for. PIDs are rank and trade related.

If the unit is understrength then I would imagine it will be supplemented with augmentees be they regular or TA.
cheers "spaz".

Would it be the norm for guys to join up with their Unit after they have deployed,especially in the first few months?
We had a few guys who did on my last tour, having just left training. People are in and out of theatre for all sorts of reasons so there is a chance he could go.

He will only get the definitive answer from his unit.

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