Too fat to work!


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Not a bad house we're paying for is it? We can't afford public sector pensions and wage increases but it's amazing what we can afford. Kill it and her kids.
Give her the op. Gastric band around the throat will sort it.

Couple of questions,
1, Where is she getting 200 quid to spend on takeaways?.................Oh yes, us silly cunts.
2, How do these horrors end up with 1 sprog nevermind 6?..................No answer for that, even a well oiled Engineer wouldn't, Surely.
The 6 kids should be taken into care, Simples.
Taken into care to make them LESS of a drain on taxpayers? Please explain this in detail, backed up by facts and figures.
Id give her something that would square her away......

FUCKING NAPALM the fat oxygen thief.....
Too fat to work? Too fat to live IMO.
Burn it! With chip fat as an accelerant, she'll die happy.
Why not just raft a few of the fat cunts like that together and then we wouldn't need to spend so much on new aircraft carriers...
FFS this creature needs a bullet to the face! Lock the fucker who goes shopping for her in the room with her and lets see how long it takes for her to eat them!

Yes she may have big bones, but there fucking covered in huge slabs of meat, fat and most likely gravy!


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Why do these people agree to 'pose' for these stories. Are they fucking mental or is the back hander that the Daily Heil gives them too much to say no to?
"Everybody will be famous for 15 minutes" - Andy Warhol

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