Too fat to scan

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pork_Pie, Aug 21, 2008.

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    Not just a problem for Cornwall, if some Tube passengers are anything to go by.

    Not sure what the point of scanning these people is, if they're going to die of a heart attack soon anyway. Perhaps refusing an appointment might give them an incentive to loose weight
  2. At my PCT ive just ordered a dental chair with a safe working load of 78 stone (500kg). Have to put the bariatric person in a wheelchair first though! Cost £26.000 - work every penny to spare us from manual handling!!
  3. I'm sorry Pork Pie, that's just too presumptuous; they could die of diabetes :D
  4. yeh my other half is a radiographer and its true
  5. Make their appointment and tell them in the letter what size they need to be to fit in the machine. If they don't manage it, come back again in a couple of months.

    If it turns out they're diagnosed with something fatal too late for treatment, it's their own fault and we've just saved the taxpayer a fortune on treating someone who's only going to kill themselves through greed and idleness anyway.
  6. As long as people keep pandering to the needs of the morbidly obese then there is no incentive to slim down.
    Stop building things to accommodate them, as Aquafresh says - new dentist's chairs. If the fcuker is too fat to waddle into the surgery then why should people help (also if their teeth fell out it might limit what they could eat anyway! :D )

    The article says "encouraging people to lose weight is not the answer." Why the fcuk not?? PC-ness going mad if it's now 'inappropriate' to confront people about their weight.
  7. absolutely....why do we pander to these people?

    That said, I'm overwieght :( but its no-ones fault but my own. If I was too fat to get essential services then I'd be shocked, ashamed and embarressed into slimming down methinks.
  8. Had a patient i had to send to the nearest equine veterinary hospital coz she was so big. The hardest thing i have ever done is keep a straight face while telling said patient she was going to see the vet for her scan! And yes she was in the Forces.
  9. Wasn't there an article not long back about how bullying people to make them lose weight was a good idea?

    Edited to say - found the article! :D
  10. talking of weight, 2100 tonight either chan 4 or 5, programme about woman with 11 stone legs.
  11. Are they upside down and resemble corned beef? I bet she posts on here.
  12. I have read a few articles and threads on here about fat people and it baffles me where you guys get this idea that fat people are pandered to and have things done for them. :? I am a fat cnut but never asked for nor received special treatment. If I can't do something because of my weight, then that is just tough shit. The same way it is tough shit for a thick person to go uni or get my job.
  13. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    It would save a fortune in the NHS and make people take responsibility for themselves (and I speak as someone carrying around 2 stone more than I should at the moment).

    Hospital Wards have to rent extra-strong beds for the fatties, at a cost of £100 per day. That buys a lot of alzheimers medication / cancer drugs / artificial hips.

  14. It is not a thick person's fault they are thick. It is a fat person's fault they are fat. Not the same at all really is it?
  15. If they are thick because they never bothered turning up for school, or when they got there they fcuked about, then it is their fault. And besides, you are all crowing about how being fat is so bad, I actually like the bigger figure, ******* sexier than a load of skin and bones, yuck!!!!