Too fat to fly?


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Imagine the misery of the poor fcuker next to him every time someone wants to get past down the isle.
Oh, I thought this was going to be about women pilots.......
Biped said:
Imagine the misery of the poor fcuker next to him every time someone wants to get past down the isle.
But think of the fun he could have getting up and down to the bog every couple of minutes, make the mass of blubber sweat with the work. :twisted:
How much more fcukin' fuel did they have to load in?
Just think where the arm-rest is. And how the hell do they get him to do up his seat-belt?
Since the holds are pressurised and heated, he could fly from there? The forward hold of a 747 can hold an estate car, and a flight attendant could pop down the hatch in 1st class with a box of Dunkin Donuts and a 2 litre bottle of diet every couple of hours.

EDIT: Isn't he too big for the emergency exits? (I'm thinking the overwing ones in particular) Perhaps he really shouldn't be allowed to fly at all
Holy be-fcuking-jesus, how the hell did the get that on the plane? The only way i can see is through the bloody cargo hold.
Markintime said:
........... I bet he stinks and farts a lot as well.
That was my first thought, when I saw the photo. I hadn't considered the farting, but I could smell the B.O. just looking at the pcture. He just looks sooooooo fcuking grubby. :puker: :pukel:
spike7451 said:
The-Lord-Flasheart said:
Thats why Loggies should always go as freight on C17s or Hercs.
Just be glad he did'nt turn up for a jolly in your cab mate! 8O
We'd have to defuel the cab, go for a 0% thrust margin and undersling the fat cunt. We generally dont allow loggies to fly in our aircraft. No real reason apart from I dont really like them.
I think airline tickets should be sold by weight, i.e. a standard ticket is valid for say 100kg including baggage.

I'd be really pissed off if I had to pay a bloody fortune because my baggage was two kilos overweight when an elephant like that pays the same fare as me even though he probably weighs twice as much.

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