Too Fat to Fight

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by brewmeister, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know where I can get hold of a copy of "Too Fat To Fight"? It has to be the funniest training film I have ever seen. Only ever saw it the once and it had three hundred blokes rolling in the aisles. Damn the PC brigade.
  2. If you find it please upload it to youtube. :D I would love to see that film again. It was hilarious watching that fat pie eating bas7ard sweat.

    If I had to do anything more strenuous than run for a bus it would probably be me now.....
  3. I have a copy on VHS - damn hard to find, but chuffin easy to lose!

    It is thee best training vid EVER !

    I also have a close contender called 'dont let him die' a first aid training film from the early 60's. All very BBC English - and the ambi that turns up is the RNH Hasler one with the ambi crew in full rig! Furkin commical
  4. I think one quote went something like, "The BFT is designed to weed you out. Pig soldier!" Would love to show it to some of our new recruits.
  5. NO, ' when was the last time you saw your shooter?'
  6. Do you get a free laugh with it>?
  7. What was that one with the smoking squaddie who gets clean lungs from an alien visitor and realises the error of his ways? Whoever directed that one was taking the whizz...
  8. Bedpan, please get it copied to DVD and put it on the net. Pleeease!
  9. Hell id love to see that..... sounds brilliant
  10. *Please* get it online somewhere! I guess you don't want to risk sending it to anyone to transfer, but if you can do it I know loads of people would love to see it.

    We got shown "Too Fat to Fight" on a GYC course at Sandhurst in 2000. There was supposed to be a lecture on some other medic-related subject (first aid, I guess) but instead a pissed-off looking MO stomped in and said something along the lines of "I've got a ******* hangover, and the last thing I want to do is talk to you lot all morning." So we got TFtF instead - win-win scenario I think.
  11. I saw that a couple of years ago, I was crying with laughter, pleease put it on youtube!! The whole jist - you're a fat f**k, you might get shot, and more importantly, you won't get a shag. Brilliant! Dunno if I'm remembering right, but doesn't a fat squaddie's head morph into a pig at somepoint?
  12. Thinking about it, it would be a great idea if SSVC (or whoever) knocked up a DVD of Too Fat To Fight, Law of Armed Conflict (Imber version), David Jason getting hypothermia and all the other old favourites and flogged it for a Forces charity. Far better than buying walt medals anyway. Any idea who to contact with this suggestion?
  13. LoAC the Movie! The guy knicking the watch "He won't need it any more" etc. Priceless. Incidently the full screw achieved fame in the SASC (You still in Ken?)

    Also one for the airwaves - I Cannot Answer That Question. "'E's in the SAS, How did they miss him?" - DOH!
  14. Also there's one I saw in training and haven't seen since about Soviet Army training bloopers. The guy being catapulted from the end of a ladder during a house assault (and missing the roof entirely) will live with me forever.
  15. That is a *fantastic* idea. I've got something similar - two disc compilation of old civvy Public Information films - so it can definitely be done. But anything that included both the fat biffer and David Jason being batman in a poncho would be so much better. I'd buy it in a shot.