Too Fat to Fight?-Obesity and US National Security

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Apr 21, 2010.

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  1. Surely not!


    A "budding" "Top Gun" no doubt (erm....maybe (many) multi-engine transport pilot):


    Not a recommended solution to childhood obesity:

    Of course, the UK is not immune either:

  2. Remember that nice English celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, who toured your neck of the woods on TV last year?

    About 3 years ago, he led a campaign in this country to improve the nutritional quality of food in schools, which had pretty good effect on menus in schools all over the UK.

    More recently, he initiated an attempt to begin to restore to UK households the basic culinary skills that (probably from the 60s on) a lot of parents simply didn't pass on to their offspring.

    As you may have deduced, he is fighting something of an uphill battle - even our standards of pulchritude seem to be shifting as the likes of Ginsters, Iceland and Pizza Hut dominate the eating habits of many UK residents.

    This li'l lady was selected to represent leafy Surrey in the Miss England stakes a year or 2 back:

    I don't know what she does to the enemy . . .
  4. That phot of the Miss Surrey candidate, blatant hilarity from the girl behind her!

    I think JJHs first phot is of Georgians (ex-USSR, not USA) too - seem to remember reading something about kids being fattened up for sumo wrestling or some bollox by their parents...
  5. He has a few allies on here:

    Enjoy :D
  6. I was reading the other day about government guidelines for food in which, due to some strong lobbying by the manufacturers, chips and tomato ketchup have been listed as vegetables.

    Now while this might be strictly true I feel it is not quite in the spirit of the whole thing.

    Though I think the US habit of drinking 5liters of full fat coke with every meal and at any other possible occasion isn't helping much either.
  7. Not that I drink these (teetotaler) or Coke but this may be illuminating:


    12 oz Coke--Calories 140
  8. a 12oz Coke is a small one right? :)

    The difference is that if you drink the same amount of beer as the usual spam does "Soda" you will either throw most of it back up or turn into an alkie. With a beer gut!
  9. Its not so much the food, its the lack of exercise people do, Plenty of people eat fatty food which might not be healthy for them, but they don't turn into porkers because they burn it off.
  10. I find it amusing the extent to which people go to complicate all this here in the US with the plethora of diets etc. Most complicate it because they do not want to do anything difficult--thus the search for the magic pill that will lose the weight while they sit in front of the telly watching Biggest Loser and munching on chips and soda or beer.

    It is simply a matter of mathematics and bio-physics--more calories in than out (through exercise and the toilet) = weight gain.
  11. Acai Berries - all you need to become a (motionless) fat-burning furnace :roll:
  12. Nothing used to fill with me with glee more than watching a horrible fat f*cking article fresh off his sick chit and all ashen faced with the warning order for a deployment ringing in his scabby ears....For the ultimate boner, try hanging round the company/battery offices when the token jellied bellied sickie is told to get himself back to his troop sharpish for an up and coming jolly ..... its joyous
  13. Jumpin'jarhead:

    We have had the same problems with recruiting, though at the moment the recession means that recruitment is almost filling all the vacancies, so we can be far more selective than we were even 3-4 years ago. Not only that, the re-introduction of manning control points and a greater unwillingness to retain those who fail the PFT and CFT (fitness tests) means that the fat, lazy and incompetent are much easier to get rid of.

    Although not quite at the same levels as parts of the US, the UK does have one of the worst obesity problems in europe. It's the same litany of poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, office based jobs and easy access to cheap, processed fat-saturated food. In some of the discount stores alcohol is cheaper than bottled water. Scotland apparently has the highest levels of heart disease and lung cancer in Europe.

    One of the big differences to the US is that dedicated campaigners such as Jamie Oliver have had some impact here. In the last episode of his 'school dinners' programme a few years ago he had the Secretary of State for Education on and extracted a public commitment to higher school meals budgets and healthy menus.

    That said, when I'm back in my home town at the weekend I see plenty of people who I went to school with who have big bellies, several chins and look a lot older than they are. My girlfriend (who looks after herself & eats healthily) has got used to my complete lack of sympathy for her fat friends who complain about being obese while tucking into a 16" pizza.
  14. "Scotland has the highest levels of obestity in Europe. You have to wonder how fat we'd be if it was'nt for all the heroin."
    - Frankie Boyle. :D :lol: