Too Fat to be executed

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by eleanor, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. If lethal injections won't work, hang the fucker; 200-odd pounds falling six feet before being stopped by his neck will definitely kill him.
  2. Fat Fcuk - I'd have loved to have seen his face if he was given just a piece of toast.

    Edited for PC spelling.
  3. Oh it worked first time - He's already dead
  4. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Did anyone else get the comedy Google ads for weight loss at the bottom of the article?
  5. Why cant they just hammer a nail through his head and then set his fat ass alight. :roll:

    Edit: Nevermind hes dead. Fat cnut.
  6. Hmm, they have it down as "cruel and unusual punishment." Personally, I think it's fcuking hilarious!
  7. "Did anyone else get the comedy Google ads for weight loss at the bottom of the article?"

    nope - just an ad for the royal marines :D
  8. Sod that. Just burn him. All that fat and he'd go up like a munitions dump.

    Might I suggest we set 5th November as the date for execution, and invite the community round for bangers and mash to view the fireworks?
  9. No more buying Blue Wickeds for tracksuit clad grippers and raising my eyebrows at them suggestively in dingy clubs anymore, Am a gonna get me a paving slab and an impressionable young friend ! Yee haa !
  10. just use a bolt gun for people who claim to be too fat. That should'nt be classed as unusual as they use them on a veriety of fat animals, death row should just be "welcome stand there please....." BANG! bolt gun in the grid.
  11. Save on munitions, drop him from a B-52 on the Taliban - new style bouncing bomb
  12. Decent final statement though

    "You haven't paid attention to anything I've had to say for the past 22 years, so why would you think that I would think you're going to pay attention to what I have to say now?"
  13. No, thats the only thing about america that i like, they make the fcukers sweat for years before killing em'. was gonna say they make em' rot as well but judgeing this by fat b@stard id say he's far from wasting away.