Too fat for TA? BMI info?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by cg227, Nov 22, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys.

    Basically, I'm in my second year of uni and aspire to join up as an officer as a career after I've got my degree. But at the moment, I'm very interested in joining the TA infantry to get me some dosh and military experience.

    Looking over the fitness requirements and stuff I know I can do them easily - being a lifeguard and working in a leisure environment for years means my fitness levels are already quite high, and I box for my uni and run quite often as I'm in preperation for the 2010 london marathon.

    The thing is, I was in a menial office job for a year or so before I came to uni and my weight shot up to just under 20 stone (many people say I don't look this as I'm quite tall at 6'1" and quite muscular from exercise). I'm running (finding it quite easy) and dieting at the moment to shift weight, but I find myself in the position where I'm quite fit but very heavy.

    A friend of mine in the TA mentioned to me the other day that 'they' might be introducing a BMI standard for the TA? If this is the case, I need to lose about 8 stone to get my BMI under 25? Does anyone else know about this?

  2. The TA does use a BMI system. I'd bore you about a friend who managed to get it lowered (he rowed for the UK, and for 42 Engr Regt as a ringer) for him to attend basic. But it can be done.
  3. Dont worry about it ,have just sat on a RSC weekend and they didnt care about any of it.

    Seriously though, aslong as the recruiters are sensible they should be able to see the difference between muscle mass and Lard mate.
  4. as long as you can see your toes :D

  5. Fella you need to get a bit of this weight off you, you'll **** your knees right up. get your self on one of those malnutrition diets

    Linky 1
    Linky 2

    good luck fella
  6. As of Oct 09 they have started measuring BMI as part of the BFA - (back to assessment and no longer a test....sigh). It has always been an entry standard for Regs/TA but having done both I'd say you're more likely to get away with it on TA entry - One Army concept and all that ho hum.... Half of the Army's rugby players would not make the cut if they were to rigidly follow this, it's more for those pen pushers who like the odd donut..... :roll:

    Agree about the knee thing though....
  7. If you can pass the fitness tests, I don't see the problem.

    There are some (I repeat, some), mainly of SNCO rank in the TA who are lard-arses and can't run two meters, and skimp on everything other than breakfast.
    If they were to stop you getting in because of BMI, even though as you say you could pass the tests, then I despair. Especially considering the useless fatties I've seen haven't gone anywhere.

    So, basically I wouldn't worry.
  8. Of all organisations I really would not have expected the Forces to to adhere to this BMI crap...and it is really just crap.

    Most professional atheletes, especially in the form of rugby players and boxers have a BMI of something approaching 33...clinically a fat dead man walking.

    When I left the forces.....( quite possibly in a moment of madness )...I went through a few organised come and see the Police weekends, thinking about joining up.This question did crop up about weight.

    As I was one of the fellas with a very high BMI, they asked if they could use me as a comparison about body shapes,mass and fitness.

    I am 5 foot 7 inches small,at that time I weighed 225 lbs ( 16 1/2 stone ish ) and in my opinion was at the peak of my fitness.One of the civvies was the same height as me and he weighed only 10 stone which was almost the exact BMI the charts said you should be.

    He had struggled through all the pathetically easy fitness assesments,heavy smoker,drinker and was the poster boy for a mal-nutritioned office workers.

    If you are fit,strong and healthy it is simple maths that muscle weighs more than an office workers equivalent of muscle.
  9. Being 6'1" and weighing 280lb is fine...........assuming you take a size 47 boot and have really thick hair.
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  10. My bold, if thats the case someone should tell our Gym Staff
  11. BMI is bollox, as most people know. As long as your waist is half your height or thereabouts theres nowt to worry about
  12. It might be bolleaux, but its what is used.

    Move away from the pies.
  13. The fact that your 1st reason for joining is to 'get some dosh' suggests to me you're joining for the wrong reason, go and work at McDonalds if thats what you want.
  14. Eat less shit more....................Oh and McDonalds is the last place you should work!
  15. 2009 - 2011 in one foul swoop. Good work gents.

    It's like the internet version of "The Timeteam"