Too "clever" for infantry?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by TomHigginbottom, May 8, 2011.

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  1. Hi all, I am new to this and was just wondering? Is there any way that a recruiting officer may stop me going in the infantry if I am apparently too "clever"? I have always wanted to join either the infantry or the Royal Marines and have worked hard to get my GCSE's to make sure nothing stops me getting in and gives me better prospects for when i leave.
    I am currently doing my A levels and was wondering if I get a high score on the BARB test combined with good GCSE grades and not very good A level results or perhaps half decent A level results that they may stop me entering the infantry?

    Any opinions will be muchly appreciated, thanks!
  2. I'm joining as infantry after studying Mechanical Engineering if that helps. Also, having A-levels, good marks etc, means nothing about being clever. It is just that you suite the education system people have been getting dragged through since the enlightenment. Anyhoo, you will get to try join what you want, but why not get a degree then go for inf Officer?
  3. No, if you meet the standards, they can't stop you, but they may suggest another branch, although that's just their opinion.
    Although, MARINE does stand for Muscle A Requirement, Intelligence Not Essential. (I suppose they will need someone who can actually write to do the paperwork though =D)

    I'm doing my GCSEs, working hard so I can do A-level, gonna work on that so I can be an officer in the infantry.
  4. yeah i get what you mean but ive been told that they may have a 'duty of care'? and where as a degree is concerened there is no chance of that haha, lets just say education is not for me.. or i cant be arsed..
  5. Infantry are not 'thick'. Some pretty smart lads in there.

    If you can merge intelligence with soldier skills you may find yourself in some challenging jobs.

    However, you also have to take in to account that within the army, but inthis case the infantry, you may end up with some dull and brainless tasks... you have to be able to do them too.

    Likewise, can you handle being more 'intelligent' than your superiors? ie Plt Sgts, CSMs etc?
  6. I though that too, biggest mistake I ever made.

    That said, if your A-levels are good enough and you have plenty of other activities to support your application, go for officer
  7. If you don't feel like completing hte degree now, you can go back later.

    Save pennies, and use your ELC (£1000 x 3 payments, rising to £2k x 3 after 7 years of service, good for 10 yeras after leaving).

    You can also carry out Distance learning. I have been smashing OU for sometime now, it was hard to start with (98) by mail only. But the internet has really helped this sort of thing. Lots of other unis and what not doing distance learning.

    Why do you want to do Inf? Is there any other role that would offer you a trade, chance to flex your cranium and your muscles?

    What about Inf Officer?

    Marines also don't just offer GDs (IIRC). You could do your Cdo Cse, qual as a Royal Marine Commando and trade as a tradesman. Plenty of trades on offer. You'd be a trained Infantryman, a Commando AND a trade.
  8. yeah, maybe i could get the qualifications later while im in the army?
    and would there be more scope to move up in the ranks quicker? like being clever? not trying to be a nob head about it or anything...
  9. Not everybody in the Infantry is a complete throbber, as you are making out. However, you are managing quite well to give the impression you are not very articulate.

  10. Not really. The Army doesn't test your 'clever' specifically. There isn't weekly spelling tests or essays.

    That said, if you are clever and you use these skills mixed with a modicum of leadership you could do well.

    This is why it is important to pick your trade wisely. Should you end up in an unchallenging role, you will lose ground against your peers and possibley lose heart and leave.
  11. No-one can stop you joining the infantry if you meet the minimum requirements. There are a series of tests which you have to pass. If you far exceed all of them, the recruiter may try to suggest other areas which might be more challenging, but if you want to join the infantry, just state that and they will welcome you in.

    It is your choice, and there will be times when you will encounter mind numbing jobs and numbskulls above and around you, but there will also be brighter and very interesting people around. Just make sure you call them 'sir'.
  12. I have known some very "clever" people who were the thickest mongs known to man. Just because you have A levels/a degree does not mean that you will be a good soldier and therefore get promoted quickly etc. I live with one like that..she is a bachelor of science but had a tough time in the military because she just could not handle the "practical" side of soldiering.

    Be careful of saying that you are "clever" because in the real world there is always someone "cleverer" than you. ;)
  13. Do you have common sense? If not then I'd suggest being an officer! Few people have points, you do get some real thick mongs in the army, but if have a bit of noggin about you, then you'll find you might rise through the ranks a bit quicker.
    Chocolate frog has a very good point, you don't get thick Sgt's & WO's, that's how they get to that rank.
    But joking aside, IQ and common snese are not the same thing, to be a senior NCO or WO, common sense is a must, but remember, some of that should hopefully come with age.
  14. Im not trying to say im too clever and im not trying to say everyone in the infantry is thick. But that is certainly everyones perception of it.

    And on the other hand I am not trying to say that I actually am too clever Its just how they percieve me with the grades and stuff that I have because I do not actually think I am too clever.
  15. I think possibly you are confusing intelligence with ability. You can be very intelligent without being 'able' y'know as many have found out in the past. However, you will find the most able people in the forces are also quite intelligent regardless of whether they are junior/senior NCO's or officers. And has been previously posted, if you can't handle the drudge jobs, which come in at all levels of rank regardless, then you are destined to fail.