Tonys Mug

Bliar has a mug entitled "Anthony" with a little ditty which oozes shameless self-praise. This was photographed during a Times interview.

Blair mug tells him he's the boss

Tony Blair is often seen sipping tea - usually from an anonymous white mug - at his Downing Street news conferences.

But during interviews at Chequers on return from holiday, he may have revealed a more personal side by showing off his new blue-and-white mug.

The observant would have noticed it details the origin of the name Anthony - from the Latin for "priceless one".

It advises Mr Blair - and namesakes with the same mug: "You're a man who's in charge, others follow your lead."

It also reads: "Your refined inner voice drives your thoughts and deeds."

"You possess great depth and have a passionate mind. Others think you're influential, ethical and kind."

A photograph of the mug is featured in the Times, which was among the organisations to conduct an interview with the prime minister on Thursday.

Anthony's personality is described as: "Humble and private, you view the world through a dreamy and reflective lens."

According to the mug the animal associated with the name is the marabou; the plant, garlic; the colour, yellow and the number, seven.

Name variations include: Antonie, Anton and Antonio.

The prime minister has been seen in public holding similar personal items in the past.

In 2000, when his youngest son Leo was born, Mr Blair brought a mug bearing his family's picture to a press conference outside Number 10.

A Downing Street spokeswoman said the mug used at Chequers was a present but had no information on who had given it.
Can anyone come up with a better piece of doggerel? My attempt is below:

Anthony - Latin for "Shameless One"

Your deranged inner voice drives your thoughts and deeds
You willingly follow wherever Dubya leads

A smile and wave to make them think you are nice
But someone else has to pay your blood price

"Trust me," you say, as you look in their eyes
An effective technique for obscuring lies

You possess little depth and have a self-obsessed brain.
Your self-delusion is beyond the insane

In fact, Anthony, it's time to be blunt
You really are the world's greatest cnut

Animal: Weasel, or Lyin'
Plant: Bush
Colour: Cowardly Yellow, or Blood on your Hands Red
Number: Zero Credibility

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