Tonys farewell speech MK 2

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Lucky_Jim, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. I have obtained a draft of Tony Blair’s leaving speech on the BBC web site as leaked to me by his tea lady who wanted nothing for it but a few thousand pounds. I give you the transcript in full.

  2. PMSL, f.ucking hilarious, but a sad indictment of Bliar's legacy to this country. Don't hold your breath, but let's see if Gordo can do any better.
  3. Gordo seems to be doing well - and that's quite a compliment coming from me.

    In power for only a couple of days, he's already changed the names of a number of departments and we are assured that the spelling mistakes in some of the new names will be dealt with in due course. That'll give those fiends at al-Qaeda something to think about.

    At the all important Home Office (or whatever it's called this week) he's swept away the useless John Reid and replaced him with, err, Jacqui Smith. By pure coincidence, she's one of Gordo's most fervent admirers and she looks forward to playing a full role in Cabinet once the testosterone jabs kick in and her voice finishes breaking.

    Jackie er Jockie err Jack D err no I mean Jacqui was, of course, appointed purely on merit and she brings a wealth of experience from her previous jobs as err, a school teacher and, errm, as Deputy Minister for Wimmin and Equality.........

    ..... oh dear god - we're fcuked

    (PS - if anybody wants a photo of Jacqui, it's on the Home Office web site titled 'Tony McNulty')

    (PPS - Try to avoid getting blown up. The new boss of the NHS is an ex-postman without an o-level to his name)
  4. Yep, and to cap it off Harriot Harman is Labours deputy leader.

    Hasnt she already proved herself unsuccessful in her previous role, when Blair sacked her?

    Shes also anti Trident/ anti military....

    God help us!