Tony's crony to be MI6 chief

I am so glad I am due out very shortly...days to do!

I never want to have anything to do with this government or it's apparatus ever again. I will be join the bearded lefties on the protest against the next war, as we will simply be unable to believe anything presented to us as intelligence or security ever again. I am getting to the stage where I am ashamed of my uniform because of our disastrous intervention, based on lies and embellishments, in support of a rogue state that has killed more people every month than Saddam or sanctions ever did, and is now torturing with impunity. :evil:

Ahh.....that feels better! :)
Totally laughable appointment. Cronyism at it's worse.

We all know how that dossier got put together and those in the know are aware of where in the chain the 'exaggeration' was put in.

I take it that no one would dare suggest that he had not be exactly 'forthcoming' with the House committee investigating the claims. No? Didn't think there would be. :?
I don't think the LegoLanders are going to take this with a smile , I really don't.

Stand by for all sorts of interesting stories in the Press in coming weeks.
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