Tony Wilson dies

In all my encounters with him (when I worked on the door of various manc night clubs) I have to say that he was an arrogant tw*t and I'd have been happy to give him a good slap. :x

However, I am sad that he is dead, as he was definitely a driving force in keeping Manchester on the map... :(
No doubt he was a major influence in bringing some fantastic, world class bands to the mainstream, and I am saddened by his passing, but I struggle to recall a man who was further up his own arrse.
When I was younger, I didn't know all the stuff he did, I thought he was just a local news reporter in my region.

Not until 24 hour Party People came out.
Quite funny seeing one of his interviews the other month when he called all these bands as full of arrogant, whining, whinging barstewards. Quite a controversial bloke but has done a lot of good to the industry. R.I.P
I bet that was a hell of 57 years!!!!

A sad loss. I saw him on the telly and he looked well fcuked.
I remember when he was on Granada Reports and went by the name Tony Wilson then he re-emerged a few years later as Anthony H Wilson trying to act all posh!!
Errr, what did he actually do ?

He was just some lucky berk who read the news on Granada.

He ran a club, the Hacienda in Manchester, which was closed due to drugs and fighting, and that's it.

The media are promoting him like crazy now he is dead.

He was also a member of the Socialist Workers party when they supported the IRA in the 1970's too.
Morty said:
No ways, i'll stick 2 quids worth of Joy Division and 'Mondays into the pub juke box this afternoon prior to the footy, as tribute.
I did the same thing, for anyone who doesnt know much about him watch 24 hr party people., I too thought he was just someone who read the news.

RIP Tony.
I seem to remember the same arguments by the public/idiots, I had , when Robert Maxwell died.

"Oh what a great man he was", said most.

The media promoted this nonsense too , as they are now doing with Wilson.

We all now know don't we ?

If the telly/mass media, tells people to do something, 99% of the population do it, without any thought.

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