Tony, Saddam and the wild horsemen of the apocalypse.

Tony, Saddam and the wild horsemen of the apocalypse.

Weapons of mass destruction? Forty five minute claim. 700,00 dead humans later and still no W.M.D.

Weather of mass destruction? Ten year claim. Only 2% of the worlds greenhouse gas is emitted from Britain.

However even just one of the hundreds of coal fired power stations in China generates more green house gas than the whole of Britain. So surely you are going to bark up their tree instead Tony.

Yet given the benefit of doubt surely you will be leading the way in this ‘green field’ by banning all 4x4’s -no you are just going to tax them more to generate more income. Oh and will you and your team be leading the way by using more environmentally friendly transport -alas no- two jags will keep his transport and you will continue to fly around the world and we the majority will become more restricted by your taxes and fear policies.

If your Britain is booming then why do you need to generate more income. General Lord Guthrie who was once one of your most trusted commanders has recently stated on Afghanistan that -”You can’t magic up helicopters because there aren’t any helicopters” “There is no way you can magic up trained Royal Air Force crews or trained soldiers quickly”. So you need the stealth tax to help finance these plans -I get it now.

I have recently heard Margaret Beckett state in the house of commons that there will be no inquiry into the Iraq invasion-“now is not the right time, it will send out the wrong message” she says. Well when will there be a good time to investigate this invasion -when another 700,000 people have died, surely not.

Saddam Hussein will shortly face his end at the hands of a ‘public display court‘. In my opinion to kill him will generate more death and destruction for an already seriously damaged country. Yet how many bombs went off in the streets of Iraq when Saddam Hussein was in power. Admittedly he was a dictator who would kill both parties involved in any violent disputes irrespective of their religion. Still you entered Iraq to bring about peace and democracy. Do they have that now- is their land more peaceful because of the force of the bullet and the tank. Would the people have chosen to live this way as it is today, in your democratic Iraq.
Surely not.

Yet the wheels continue to turn on your war machine crushing killing and burning your way to a democratic state. Upon each revolution of those wheels there is created a new breed of terrorist. In my opinion it will never work. Human beings stand in the path of your master plan. Yet here at home you are safe, safe in the knowledge that there is nobody left to oppose your ill conceived ideas.

Our own society is in meltdown, Margaret Thatcher once stated that “there is no such thing as society”. she was a prophet make no mistake, more children in British prisons than anywhere else in Europe, more people on anti-depressants than play the national lottery, suicide has tripled over the last few years. NHS in meltdown. We no longer have shared power across our once great nation. It is all centralised at and around downing street. In my opinion this paves the way for unstoppable corruption.

There are no unions now that could bring the country to its knees to stop this continuing slaughter of the innocent.
It is all gone. So do as you will and the great British public can only observe with ‘apathy and despair‘.
We can vote when that chance arises again yet we cannot stop your choice of failed policy. It must now be pursued at the loss of many more innocent lives.

On CNN 4/11/06 at 12:06 pm there was a report on British Soldiers leaving the Army in droves. The reasons given for this where poor conditions, lack of leave, low pay and over commitment. The report ended by saying that staying in Iraq and Afghanistan will further damage troop levels.

I also see emerging stories like I have never known in my lifetime. Supermarkets refusing to sell poppies because of security issues-that is the first time I have ever heard stories like this. I am therefore sure that your opposition parties are just waiting to see the final chapter of your time in office unfold before them. They know of the death and destruction yet they are ‘not brave enough’ to bring it to an end.

So like the victim who is screaming for help yet continually ignored by the people who could save them. The curtains will remain drawn on Iraq. Until someone in power finds the courage to challenge this violent enforcement of the word that is DEMOCRACY.

As for the wild Horsemen of the apocalypse Saddam Hussein’s defence lawyer today on BBC news 24 stated “If Saddam Hussein is sentenced to death then the gates of hell will open”.

Shortly afterwards another report on Sky News at 19:45 stated that “keeping Saddam alive and maybe getting him back in power was the Arab solution”.

If he is killed I believe the beginning of a World War Three will not be far behind. So the wild horsemen of the apocalypse are waiting in the wings-so go ahead and open the stable door -and with it the gates of hell.
Have these wild horsemen of the apocalypse taken into account the socio-economic impact of wiping out the world and more importantly, have they consulted with any industry regulator on how them wiping out the world deprives others in the death, destruction and mayhem business sector of jobs. I feel they might be in breach of anti-competition or monopoly laws and as such be liable for an unlimited fine while operating within the juristiction of the UK.
Don't be so complacent folk.
Poll out shows people think G.W. more a threat to world peace than Kim Jong.
Nice line of thought Eagle.
Can't really say I'd go as far as putting Sadam back in charge but I know what your saying.
Arabs do like a strong leader.
Is there a radical left wing equivalent to the Neo-cons (not communists)

I have a horrible feeling the next hand up Georges backside might go and invade China to forcibly spread "green policies"

Of course that is ridiculous!


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