Tony McNulty MP


Every time this maniac appears on Question Time, etc, he utterly amazes me.

How someone can contradict themselves so many times in under 2 minutes yet still maintain an air of smugness as he spouts his liarbour spin is beyond me.

I've got very little time for the BBC as a whole (especially after recent events), but i'm amazed at the restraint shown by anyone interviewing the slimy fucker - I'd be doing a superman impression across the desk to throttle the loon before he finished his first sentence.

What is this man actually good for?
Would use him to save a figure11 target, the man is good for nothing. McNulty is only ever wheeled out when the home office has to obfuscate confuse and lie. The man cant string 3 words together in a coherent sentence, no wonder we have had so many trashy laws written by this outrageous government.

He has been at the Home Office for many years and is kept for the embarrassing questions, so we never get a straight answer.

I hope this man has his own lamp post to swing from come the revolution.

Edited to add the f&ckwits wiki page which shows where this useless piece of skin came from, no real life career, never done a real days work, gained his ideology in the university of Liverpool!
Don't worry. His majority strongly suggests he'll be 'spending more time with his family' after the election.

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