Tony Martin to get royal protection on leaving prison

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jaybee2786, Jun 4, 2008.

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    Detectives from the Royal Protection Squad have been called in to guard the jailed farmer Tony Martin on his release later this month.

    Officers from Sandringham, the Queen's home in East Anglia, have been assessing the security risks of Martin returning to Bleak House, his isolated farmhouse in the Norfolk village of Emneth Hungate, 56 miles from Sandringham.

    They consider it such a risk that Martin, who has had a £60,000 bounty placed on his head by friends of the gypsy he killed breaking into his home, has been told it is not safe enough to have a "trial release" in preparation for his parole.

    Under such a scheme, Martin would have been let out for a few days to prepare for life outside prison at least three weeks before his eventual release. Officers considered that this trial - which is standard practice for prisoners about to be released - was an excessive security risk.

    On leaving prison, it is now expected that he will not return to Bleak House for some time. A Royal Protection Squad source said: "We have done a survey of the vulnerability of Bleak House and it does not look good."

    Martin was jailed for murder in April 2000 for shooting dead the 16-year-old burglar Fred Barras and wounding his accomplice Brendon Fearon, although his conviction was later downgraded to manslaughter on appeal. He was refused early parole earlier this year after being dubbed a continuing risk to burglars by probation officers but must be released this month as he will have served two thirds of his sentence.

    The drafting in of the Royal Protection Squad - recently the subject of fierce criticism after Aaron Barschak, the self-styled "comedy terrorist", breached the security of Windsor Castle during a party for Prince William - represents a remarkable stepping up of Martin's release operation.

    The 58-year-old farmer, who has already been placed in the care of the witness protection scheme, is also now the subject of speculation that his planned release date of July 28 may be brought forward.

    The possible move was hinted at by Norfolk's Chief Constable Andy Hayman to guests at a social gathering last weekend. The farmer's solicitor, James Saunders, said yesterday that he knew of no plans to bring Martin out early. "It was a very odd thing for a chief constable to say," he said.

    When informed by this newspaper of the Royal Protection Squad's involvement in Martin's security, Mr Saunders said, tongue in cheek: "That is reassuring."

    He added: "He is a farmer and they are used to looking after people who want them there. What are they going to do, live with him in Bleak House? That will be a shock to the system. If we had basic policing in the beginning it would have worked out cheaper and better."

    Martin, speaking from prison via his spokesman Malcolm Starr, said yesterday: "As far as I am concerned I am going to be released on July 28."

    Mr Starr added: "I can only assume the Chief Constable's comments were a reference to a trial release, which was stopped because the security problems were too great."

    Lets hope he shoots some more pikey chavs
  2. What? Did they think that he was going to turn vigilante and hunt the f*ckers down?
  3. My bold. Just shows the priorities of the Probation Service, doesn't it? T0ssers.
  4. The link is 5 years old
  5. Shame it wasnt kept quiet. The pikeys would have got a nice shock....
  6. Thats incredible.
  7. Pity we can not all be the above, it does however hint to where this Country is going.
  8. Why don't they just give him his shotgun back......
  9. oldbaldy

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  10. Whats going on? He has been out for ages and has a book!
  11. he should get a bloody apology and an award for shooting the theiving pikey scum.
  12. In the future the Martin case will be remembered as a huge f**k up and a sign of the UK's decent into lawlesness
  13. First rule of ARRSE: never let a fact get in the way of a really good moan.
  14. Surely there is a book on this case which raises points like :

    Tony Martin suffers a form of Aspergers. ?

    As a vulnerable child attended "Hitler Youth" style camps where he was taught by his Uncle (Founder National Front) that gypsies are a scourge and were diluting the superior Norfolk bloodlines. ? (Bootiful bloodlines they was)

    Earned his living by doing f all but claiming set aside grants (far more lucrative than claiming dole. ) ?

    In short both ends of the illegally held shotgun were effing parasites.

    Gypsies had the nerve (Treason) to hold a Chrys or Gypsy Court to pass sentence on Martin.

    So what of the principle there shall be no law save that of the Crown ?

    Well the Gypsies got the same blind eye as those Nation of Islam buffoons who paraded in mothercare bouncer uniforms at the Stephen Lawrence Roadshow. We wouldn't let Mosley make political messages by uniformed rally but we let those NOI black buffoons set back our laws by over half a century. And cut the g-ppos the same slack.

    Why doesn't HM the Q appear on telly announce she is sole fount of justice rally the police back into a lawful constitutional role tell the Home Secretary to f-ck off and let's sort this country out. How many generations fought and sacrificed to develop our freedoms, laws and liberties.

    Now all sacrificed through social theorists and a politically correct multiicultural experiment too many taking Ms ChickenBalti serious characterized f-ck up.

    Had a tooth out yesterday and defending against onset of infection by constant mouth rinsing with whisky. Lots of whisky. And if it kills little germs then it must be safe to swallow as the actress said to Louis Pasteur.