Tony Knight, 111 RMP

Only new you for 2 yrs and was priveleges to do so and your lovely wife, your were an inspiration in the work you did and always a good lad.
You deserved more and obviousley upstairs had a different itinerary, a true soldier and a good man
Ray and Family,Herford
I worked with Tony in 150 Pro Coy and spoke with him just a few months ago in Hohne Camp. A diamond bloke and one who will be sorely missed by those who knew him. He was the only person I have ever met who (for those that remember the old CCRIO docs) had memorised the offence codes for pretty much everything!

RIP Tony, God speed. My condolences go out to all his family and those others who knew and will miss him. SSgt Scott Bailey
I had the pleasure to work with Tony too. Him upstairs obviously called him forward as their POM is crap and they need Tony to do the job!

Stirling bloke, definately missed. Does anyone know the funeral details? I presume it will be held over there in Germany?

R.I.P. Tony My condolences to your wife and kids.
It is my understanding that their is to be a Memorial service for Tony at Hohne on Tue 12 Feb 08 at 1200 hrs

Wake in either the RMP bar or the Roundhouse.
Oh no. A good man who was kind and competent. Thoughts will your family. I still have the belt you 'lent' me when we served together at 111.

RIP fella.

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