Tony Hart

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Jan 18, 2009.

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    News just released - Coroner says Tony Hart didnt have a stroke. It was apparently an 'art attack..........
  2. Artist and children's television presenter Tony Hart died today at the age of 83.

    When told, Morph was said to be speechless.
  3. Well, Tony Hart died today.
    I would like you to draw your own conclusions.

    I was gutted to hear about Tony Hart today, in fact I was Morphified.
  4. Sad to see that painter and child entertainer Tony Hart died today.

    It's such a shame that nobody filmed his last stroke.
  5. Tony Hart has had a stroke!!!!!

    Then a scribble and then a charcoal rubbing.

    In fact its a f*cking good drawing, its hanging up in his gallery.
  6. At least Morph can now get his genitalia back!

    Is that not an italian electricity company or was that powergenitalia???

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  7. Do you two need a room?
  8. Nope we have this one thanks, are you joining us?
  9. I always preferred Catweasel, but then again, that would explain alot. Tony, bless him, did an awful lot more than Morph. If only I could remember what. Rolf Harris'll be next, I bet you! Anyone still got a Styleophone?
  10. He seemingly carried a donor card which read:

    In the event of my death i want to donate my toe, knee and heart.

    Okay scraping the bottom of the barrel now!
  11. Take Hart, thats what the pathologist will be doing, as well as his lungs, liver etc
  12. I don't thinks so, threesomes are always so messy. Thanks for the invite though :)
  13. Way past three now but i know scrofula's secret :wink: