Tony goes to Hell

In the future Tony Blair dies and goes to hell. The Devil meets him at the gates and says: Hell is pretty full at the moment, Tony but I can think of 3 inmates who weren't quite as evil as you, so you can choose which one's place you want to take and they can leave.

The Devil takes Tony into a large room where Maggie Thatcher is swimming back and forth in a huge tank of icy water and asks him what he thinks. Er, no thanks, Devil, I'm not a great fan of swimming, says Tony, what else do you have?

The Devil takes him into the next room where Vladimir Putin is smashing hard rocks with a heavy hammer. Er, I don't fancy this either, says Tony, I've got a dicky shoulder.

OK, says the Devil, and takes him to the last room where Bill Clinton is tied, spreadeagled, on a bed with Monica Lewinski giving him a blow job. Tony rubs his hands and says: well, I could certainly put up with that for eternity! Hell's not that bad after all.

The Devil asks him if he is absolutely sure. When Tony says yes the Devil says: OK Monica love, pack your bags - you're leaving...
Makes a change from kissing his arrse
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