Tony Fish Bar Aldershot

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by paragorge, Jun 18, 2005.

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  1. I have just noticed that Tonys Fish Bar has closed and the main man has retired, anyone who has served in The Shot will have been treated to Tonys Cuisine at some point, a true legend, he moved from a chip shop in Glasgow train station to feed many a paratrooper. Often when returning really late you could throw stones at his windows around 3am and he would come down in his dressing gown and re heat the evenings food, always smiling, even as blood splashed around the chip shop floor.

    An urban legend and an outstanding contributiuon to forces morale

    Cant believe he has faded away...he should have been dined out
  2. 'Too many 'legends' are being allowed to fade away.
  3. Fcuking hell I can remember as a kid in the late 70's/early 80's collecting old newspapers for him and getting ye free slappe uppe Pie and Chippes from him in return and it always tasted pretty good. He must have really gone down hill in recent times. I always remember his gaff being absolutely spotless.

    Hope he has a nice sedate drunken-squaddieless retirement.
  4. Would the plethora of fast food outlets in the 'Shot have had any adverse affect upon business?
  5. WOW, that a blat from the past! Many a dodgy tummy had after eating at tony's!!
  6. Couldn't been Tony's.
  7. Must have been the beer then!
  8. Gutted! RIP Tony's.

    I've also just heard that the Pegasus drinking den has closed too. Utter fukcing maddness, where else can I get slaughtered at ABF weekend, get naked and lag mysef? I blame whatever chav regiment resides in the 'Shot these days preferring wine bars and bistros. Homos all of them.
  9. wasnt aware of the peggy closing ill pop over there tomorrow to confirm
  10. The same tears shed in the shot when the Cannon shut!, Although Peter resurected the Taj Mahal it never was the same and didnt have an "Free curry" window in the shitter.

    Wonder what happened to that cheesy websters picture of Airborne united circa 85 that was on Tonys back wall?

    Retire in peace Tony and may the "Airborne" force be with you!

    "You wanta the usual?......... What is the usual?"
  11. Chika de mush.
  12. Is Johnnie G's still open? (Sorry, I haven't been in Aldershot for bloody years)
  13. Hi

    Johnny G is still there complete with dodgy music & fountain. The whole area around Tony's according to the local press is due for redevelopment, in an effort to rejuvenation Aldershot.

    To be honest, & I don’t believe I’m saying this, Aldershot took a nose dive when the Paras left, & were replaced by regiments on posting rather than a home units located there for years.
  14. chippa da chip, scotch a de egg, and a steak a da kidley pie

    All wite my mate

    Lets dine Tony out, full mess kit, in McDonalds.....whos in?
  15. Never been to Tony's, but how I laughed when I read this. It was featured on Sky telly's "Britain's Hardest Boozers" and hadn't changed much since me and a mate wandered in there by mistake in 1988 whilst on a STAB SE district training team course.

    It was like a really surreal cross of "From Dusk 'til Dawn" and the "Blue Oyster Bar" scene from "Police Academy." How we laughed (not) as the beer glasses rained down at us as the Green-Eyed Boys chanted "CRAP HATS!" at us. Some sympathetic regular scalies rescued us and took us to a less terrifying boozer, leaving me with an abiding affection for the bleeps.