Tony F*cking Blair?! ... Dont get me started!

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by EL-PIMPO, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. I think Blair should be made to stand on the runway and shake the hand of every soldier that steps off the plane from Afghan/Iraq, look them in the eye and say he's sorry.

    And the BBC news should be made to show the repatriation of every soldier killed on Operations. They seem to take second place to some bullsh*t politically correct story about some celebrity nobody.

    Well that's my rant over with.
  2. It isn't shown on the MOD web site anymore either. :x
  3. yeh he should as its the right thing to do, you sent them, you bring them home

    id rather blame BUSH. as political ties with america forced us into iraq/afghanistan in the first place. bush was just trying to end what his farther had began.... so blame that tw*t

    next thing you know it will be iran that they'll want to claim as part of lake america
  4. If Bliar had more balls than teeth he could have said no, but as Bush is a cnut anyway (albeit highly amusing) I concur.
  5. Just wanted to take the opportunity to once again proclaim BLIAR as a total CNUT, even though he is no longer in the news i will hate him with venom till i die and will attack him on site if our paths ever cross.

  6. ^^ not really the guy he succeded john major < now that guy was ****
  7. I hate all politicians. They haven't got a clue, they sit there in their suits waffling sh*te ... then they get the sack. Who the f*ck is the Minister of Defence at the moment? A complete wet nonce, that's who.

    And those who oppossed SSAFA buying a home for injured soldiers families should hang their heads in shame. The w*nkers should have have the word "traitor" tattooed on their foreheads and be forced to tend the mass commonwealth war graves and repent their forgiveness.

    Sorry lads, i'm on a roll.
  8. The last time I looked we were a sovereign country not a state of the USA and the blame lies solely at No 10. You can criticise Bush as much as you like for taking the Americans in but the buck stops with Bliar. I don't honestly think Broon will be much different so beware of a snap election to give him longer to take us into Iran and Africa.
  9. true, but what would have been the Consequence of not following america into iraq,

    our relationship with them is strained at the best of times

    although come to think of it

    where the fu*ck were they during the falklands

    oh yes, i remember they gave us the use of their satellites

    and years later we would later deploy over 20.000 troops at their diposal