Tony Dean

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by TheLordFlasheart, Aug 21, 2006.

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  1. Have just seen on Pprune that Tony Dean (ex QHI) is missing after his Lynx (Mk120, Super Lynx) went into the Gulf. He was on contract as a QHI with the Omanis. So far one body (not yet identified) has been recovered with two others still missing.

    Nothing on any news networks at this time.

    Any news much appreciated.

    Thoughts go out for his safe return.
  2. Speechless, lets hope luck was onside and he will be found safe and well
  3. Found this
    Helicopter crash

    its not got much info , but will perhaps be updated as more info comes out.(searched for it half an hour ago and couldn't find it , then did the same search again suggesting its a recent posting that might be updated)
  4. With Tony being an ex sapper he's probably started building an oil well to aid recovery.
    Let's hope lucks not needed and all's well with Tony.
  5. Hope and praying for a safe return
  6. Ditto Sven.

    If anyone hears anything I would appreciate a PM, I am well away from any rumour control areas and he is a close friend.
  7. Pray for his safe return.

    Flew a lot with Tony when in 672. I was new observer struggling with the real world and his experience, ability and paitience got through my first real check ride. This was before he was a QHI as well.

    God speed Tony and come back safe.
  8. Just read the thread on the other forum .
    Says the body has been identfied as Tony :cry: sad news
  9. Sorry to hear the news, knew Tony from 660, an extremely approachable bloke, nothing to prove, everything to offer, my sympathies are with the family at this time.......
  10. RIP mate.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to his family at this terrible time
  11. Deeply Sadened at the news.

    Thoughts and condolencies to family and friends.

    "Blue skys and keep flying Tony"!


  12. RIP Tony.
  13. I understand that there is a briefing today Tuesday at the base where the Lynx took of from, on the outcome of the inquirery.